What Do You Think About Philo?

Tell us about your experience with this streaming service!

One of the things I like about Philo is the 72 hours past showings availability. Just arrow left over to the channel box on the guide and when clicked on, anything on in the last three days is available to watch on demand. I really like that. It comes in handy for something I want to watch that might be on at a time I’m not available, without doing anything extra.

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I have YouTube TV… unlimited DVR… 9 Month limit.

3 Days would work for me for 90% especially since we tape a lot of news.

However, it would not catch Marathons, like the Law and Order Marathon on various weekends. We can then watch them over time as kind of Filler at our leisure.

Oooh! Great tip! I have Philo and didn’t know this.

I have Philo and absolutely love it. The channels offered are what our household watched via cable. Bought an antenna for our local channels. I have since also cancelled Netflix and Hulu as i can watch just about everyrhing else on Amazon.

I had Philo maybe about a year ago, they seem to show more ads than other services.