How Do You Watch FREE TV Shows?

Tell us how you re-watch your old favorite TV shows or catch up on new ones for FREE!

A big outdoor antenna, pick up around 60 channels an hour north of Atlanta.

Do you have a DVR? I tried the Amazon DVR once so I could watch local stuff with my antenna but thought it was a pile so I sent it back. I currently don’t see that DVR available anymore.

I’ve tried watching a couple of feature length films of “Free with Ads” sites and found them very unsatisfying. They generally let you watch the first 15-20 or so uninterrupted, but from there on in it’s commercial break every 8-10 minutes it seems. No thanks, sometimes a site like Amazon has the same content for a $3-$4 dollar or so fee, which I’ll be more than willing to pay in most instances. BTW, I haven’t investigated enough, but perhaps some of those free with ads sites enable the viewer to pay fee to watch the same content without ads. That would seem to be a logical fix for grumpy geezers like me.

Silicondust makes several versions of OTA DVRs. I’ve used one for years and it’s pretty trouble free.

One way to watch on-demand “free” TV shows, (free once you contribute $60 to your PBS station,) is to bring up any of the many PBS shows or series like Nova and Downton Abby on your PC, tablet or phone and cast them to your smart TV.

No DVR. I also stream PHILO, you can save/record those shows to watch later.

I cut the cord and at Clark’s recommendation, bought an antenna and discovered I have 44 local channels in my area. I stream many free apps. I have Roku, Tubi, Crackle, Peacock, and a few others. I do have Prime Video since I’m an Amazon customer. Because I use T-Mobile Home Internet, I got a free year subscription to Paramount Plus.
So, basically, I pay for the Internet and Amazon Prime. I have more TV than I can possibly ever watch.

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As Clark recommended, I’m all in for Pluto TV. Great selection of drama, good movies, music, and documentaries, I just ended my $65/mo sub to DirecTV Stream where not much was interesting at all (actually mostly mindless junk) and just as many ads!

Also with an attic antenna, huge number of local channels especially PBS. By the way, PBS is also available to stream for free with the PBS app. And some free international news apps such as BBC, NHK (Japan), DW (Germany), and France 24.


I channel surf on The Roku Channel and Pluto TV. I watch select movies and shows via VOD on Tubi.

I have used the Tivo Romeria OTA DVR for years and have been very happy with it.