What Are Your Favorite Ways to Watch FREE Movies?

Share your favorite FREE movie tips!

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Of the ones mentioned my favorite is Hoopla but better yet is the new Prime Video
free with Amazon Prime

You can share Amazon Prime with a friend and both of you
can use Prime Video for free.

My Library does not offer Kanopy.

I have looked at all mentioned.
Like Tubi and did Pluto for a while. Tubi is good… but not so much Pluto.

I am no longer interested in time scheduled programming with no DVR… and no ability o skip Commercials. That ship has sailed.

Prime is my Go to…
I have AT&T gig internet which includes HBOmax… but seldom find something to my taste.

Youtube has a lot of movies no longer available since Beta/VHS, but now they have their own free with ads section. Crackle, Vudu w ads, Tubi, and a gaggle of apps on Rokus lots with public domain classic/B&W movies.

Email your library and ask if they are thinking of it. My library doesn’t either, but other metro libraries do, and they told be that I could get an e-patron id from KCMO libraries (who does offer it) . I also noticed other libraries in smaller communities in the area offer it.

Check out a different library. You can apply for a library card online. I have several. You should be able to find one that offers Kanopy.

Guys you forgot a brand new FREE streaming service . Its called Plex

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@RETIREDMCO1199_Tenne We have a review of Plex coming to Clark.com next week. If it gets Team Clark’s stamp of approval, it’ll be added to this FREE streaming guide too.

Do you currently use Plex? If so, tell us how you like it!

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As for me, it is most convenient for me to watch movies on the Stremio site of the Firestick device. Everything is convenient and clear there. And the high quality of the image and the constant renewal of new movies makes this service even better. Here 35 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites - Ultimate List (2022) - Fire Stick How you can familiarize yourself with this service.

Watch a DVD borrowed from a friend… then we can talk about the movies and share our thoughts with someone also interested in it. :face_with_monocle:

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Hi, Actually this one is the best movie website on the internet xomovies.tv. Other ones are just full of popups.

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I actually bought a DVD from the bargain bin at the local Wal-Mart recently and I had genuinely forgotten how nice it is to just OWN a film and be able to watch it whenever I want.

Like, I don’t have to worry about “media rights” reverting to another owner and/or streaming service with my copy of Chariots of Fire. There’s not a pressure to Google where I can watch certain movies and TV shows. I can just just pop my copy of the flick in my Xbox 360 whenever I want and watch it. It’s just nice.

Not everything about our digital future is for the best sadly. :sweat:

I was pleasantly surprised.*

I check out DVDs from my library if I can’t stream it for free.

I had uploaded a video of my dog to Youtube then lost the original somehow. I now have an addon for my browser that lets me download Youtube videos. Recently I found a video I have looked for literally for more than a decade and the only version I found was a VHS version. The copy on line I can download as an MP4.

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I have found some hard-to-find movies and shows on a French site; dailymotion.com.

It’s a user-driven video streaming site that is supported by ads… lots of ads. They’ll typically run every five minutes, usually in pairs, and last from twenty seconds to a minute total per 5 minutes. It’s possible to skip over the ads by tapping the progress bar, but it’s distracting to do because you have to keep track of the time continually.

But if you get desperate it works if there’s no other source for a video you want to watch. We used it to access some Australian Survivor seasons after they were taken down from Paramount+.

They run stuff that other sites cannot because French law allows them to do so. It is reported to be a safe site and I haven’t had any problems using it.

What’s your best view rate on videos? I got pretty lucky on some, but I’ve never figured out what works an what doesn’t for max views.

Need to start adding XUMO. Sort of like TUBI. Lots of content for free.

791,000 on this one: Mr. Moose meets the electric fence - YouTube

I’ve never figured out what makes them go viral either. :thinking:

I have a video about a pool being effected by a 6.8 earthquake. I set it up years ago and had lots of views. I was supposed to start getting some income from it, but they changed the rates or rules.

I was going to film some agricultural videos describing some of the exotic fruit we had here, but I felt it was not worth the effort to try to make money from videos.