What Are Your Favorite Ways to Watch FREE Movies?

Share your favorite FREE movie tips!

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Of the ones mentioned my favorite is Hoopla but better yet is the new Prime Video
free with Amazon Prime

You can share Amazon Prime with a friend and both of you
can use Prime Video for free.

My Library does not offer Kanopy.

I have looked at all mentioned.
Like Tubi and did Pluto for a while. Tubi is good… but not so much Pluto.

I am no longer interested in time scheduled programming with no DVR… and no ability o skip Commercials. That ship has sailed.

Prime is my Go to…
I have AT&T gig internet which includes HBOmax… but seldom find something to my taste.

Youtube has a lot of movies no longer available since Beta/VHS, but now they have their own free with ads section. Crackle, Vudu w ads, Tubi, and a gaggle of apps on Rokus lots with public domain classic/B&W movies.

Email your library and ask if they are thinking of it. My library doesn’t either, but other metro libraries do, and they told be that I could get an e-patron id from KCMO libraries (who does offer it) . I also noticed other libraries in smaller communities in the area offer it.

Check out a different library. You can apply for a library card online. I have several. You should be able to find one that offers Kanopy.