Free Streaming at Your Local Library

Many libraries offer free, curated, streaming services such as Kanopy and Hoopla. Many foreign films and a few PC Woke films.


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Yes, there are a few. I haven’t checked their IMDB ratings.

Not sure about access to teens and younger if they have a library card.

Tele. 805 565 3759

A Few Reminders About Kanopy and Libraries

I was pleased to see Mr. Howard’s detailed review of the Kanopy streaming platform available at some public libraries. I wanted to add a few thoughts:

“Free”–Remember that the libraries that provide Kanopy pay a substantial licensing fee to the company so that library patrons can access this wonderful content for free. It is important to support your local libraries. Do note that given this is a locally purchased subscription, your library may not have access to Kanopy.

This is a great example of everything you want is NOT free on the web. While one may find a film they’re seeking on the open web, the source is likely to be dubious or even dangerous.

Libraries provide a safe and secure service for users to access film content, and lots of other kinds of content, too–like eBooks (OverDrive is now the parent company of Kanopy), eAudio books, magazines, historical documents and photographs, and so much more.

My two cents,
Rp, Librarian


Tell us about your experience with Kanopy!

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I’ve been using Kanopy on my Roku TV for the past two months and think it’s great! I am permitted up to 15 selections/month. Thank you for telling your readers about Kanopy. It’s literally been years since I set foot in our local library, so I’m quite sure I never would have heard of Kanopy without having read your review. Long live free-to-me content!

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Friends recommended, but i havent tried yet.

Great recommendation for Kanopy. Not sure what’s with the “PC Woke” comment, though.

Then you’ll probably like those ones.

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Not a place for politics here.