Have you tried Hulu?

Tell us what you think about it!

Customer Support at Hulu terrific. But we found the user interface not as easy on the eye as we hoped and back button navigation an issue on some of our tv remotes. Advice - take the free test and work the navigation to make sure you’re happy with it across your tv rooms and remotes. Good luck !

Hulu ad free has an awful lot of ads. And, I’m getting tired of recorded shows that I’ve watched part of going back to the beginning when I come back to them.

We’ve tried Hulu Live and YouTube TV, and YouTube gets the nod. Pricing is similar and content similar, but the user interface on YT is more comfortable for us. I kinda wish we had Hulu’s regular content offering, but like Mcarly says, the ads interruptions are frequent and the ad-free option’s a bit pricy in my estimation. They do have some attractive content, though, and we might relent some day if Netflix and Amazon pickins’ get slim.

I have the Basic Hulu $1.99/Month… black Friday Special.

We have Youtube TV.
It took a while for wife to become comfortable with streaming and Youtube TV… not in a hurry to change.

Features we like best is changing TVs and picking up where we left off, unlimited DVR, and skipping ads.

One of my TVs is an Amazon Fire. I like the Roku ones much better, simpler, clearer interface. Consider getting a Roku for the amazon Fire TV.