Which Streaming Service Do You Like Better: Youtube TV or Hulu?

Is Youtube TV better than Hulu? Or vice versa? Tell us which streaming service you prefer!

Have not tried Hulu TV. We watch very little live.
The very limited DVR was a show stopper.

With YTTV we will start the 6PM news at Dinner between 6:30 and 7… and switch TVs after Dinner. YTTV works for us.

No need to delete stuff for new.

We’ve been using YouTube TV for about 4 years and love it. We also have Hulu’s basic plan. A couple of years ago, we tried Hulu Live and didn’t like it at all. Unlike YouTube TV, many shows added to our watch list still had tons of commercials, Many shows only had one or two seasons available, so we couldn’t start them from the beginning. We also found it Hulu Live difficult to navigate, but the basic was not. This could have changed, but we are sticking with You Tube Live.

We’ve enjoyed Hulu Live but price started at $44 now $79 per month, ouch. Like the DVR and there’s actually a lot of good movies.

We signed up for Hulu Live when we wanted to watch a certain cable news program at our cabin but didn’t want to buy another streaming service. With Hulu, as long as we sign into our hulu account at home (where the orig plan is for) we can “cast” hulu programs to our cabin tv using our tablet. Contemplating right now if $79 is worth it though.

Hulu Plus Live is no longer offering a free 7 day trial. Can’t imagine why not. They offer it on their basic streaming service. Boo! I have been trying out YouTubeTV and wanted to compare it to Hulu Live before ditching cable.