Are You a YouTube TV Subscriber?

If you have YouTube TV or have used it in the past, tell us about your experience!

If you’re considering YouTubeTV, here are 4 things to know before you sign up.

A couple of clarifications might be in order.
To sign up for the free trial REQUIRES giving credit card information. I was billed $64 immediately, and had to contact customer service about getting the free two weeks - which they applied AFTER I paid for a month … so much for the “trial” part of ‘free trial’.
You Tube TV is a Google service, and when you sign up, your credit card is added to the Google Pay system, whether you wanted that to happen or not (I did not). One MUST have a Google account in order to subscribe.

Yes, you can get premium channels via the YouTubeTV app, but the YouTube TV app does not stream in surround sound (as of 2/5/2022). There are many other articles out there about this, and supposedly they were working on an audio upgrade via new codecs, but all I get is two channel audio. Yes, I have checked for app updates. So, one would be better off getting their premium content via an app that offers surround sound.


How did you contact customer service? This same thing has hsppened to me and I can’t find a link to talk to anybody.

I was on Comcast Cable.
I had no problems with the YouTube TV 2 week trial. They did ask for a CC but did not charge it.

However 2 weeks was not enough time for us to become comfortable with a potential change. We paid a month in Parallel with Comcast before canceling Comcast. I had been paying Comcast $220 a month plus $12 a month for TiVo.

The You Tube TV replaced both… for 65 + 75 for 1 gig Internet from ATT Tot 140… YTTV offers unlimited DVR. We like it

Most of the savings came from the Box rentals from Comcast.
BTW, we already had Roku for the Amazon Prime and the regular YouTube.

I thought the 6 weeks of trial was worth it so we would have no regrets.

How did you contact customer service. I haven’t been able to get anyone.

I signed up a few weeks ago. Three problems I’m trying to get over:

  1. I watch MSNBC after work. I’m too frequently bombarded by “You’re watching MSNBC Commercial Break/We’ll be right back” with some very annoying “music”. Apparently it’s regional commercial time that YouTube can’t fill. Never thought I’d complain about not getting a commercial.

  2. The Cloud DVR is nice but so far I haven’t figured out how to easily fast forward.

  3. I’ve noticed lip “out of” sync on some programming.

Other than that the channels are great and the ability to watch on numerous devices is a plus.

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We’ve subscribed to youTube TV for around 5 years I think. A couple of years before that we ditched Direct TV satellite and tried Hulu Live which suited us well and saved bundles compared to Direct. While still streaming Hulu we tried the youTube trial and were impressed with its much friendlier user interface, at least for us. youTube also offered a couple of regional TV network stations that Hulu didn’t. We’re more than satisfied with the dependability and the channel selection, although like everyone else we’d be more grateful to have an option to chose just 15 to 20 channels at a reduced monthly fee. There are many we never even consider watching.

I agree wholheartedly. That music drives me nuts and there’s way too much of it!! ( MSNBS commercial break deal) We are also having issues " holding" . It will either take the show forward or sometimes back to the beginning. One other issue, if we stop the show to see something for a few seconds etc, it blackens the screen so we cant! Very irritating!
Does anyone know how to get help, a human at YT-TV?

There are no humans at YT/TV, it’s completely robotically developed and managed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My wife is better at this than me, but we seem to have pretty good luck with starting from beginning, or going live and then moving the progress bar back the start of near the start. When the commercial breaks come on you can fast forward through them. This works most consistently if you’ve put the program in question in your library.

Use the “Library” option at the top of the YT screen, find your channel and program and add it to the list of programs to be recorded. I don’t know how many programs you can choose to record, but it’s a pretty generous amount.

It is unlimited… deleted after 9 months.

I had UTube TV and loved it but had to switch to Direct Stream when Utube decided to drop the Braves Games. It’s been a couple years and the STILL haven’t worked it out. That was unacceptable…

So last week marked the one year anniversary of finally dropping Directv and going with another provider.
I tried Fubo for a few days but it wasn’t for us. I picked YouTube TV. After the initial period of figuring out how to use it (LOL), we been mostly happy with it. BUT… and a big BUT… They have been billing my CC about every three weeks. I noticed this back in February and tried to contact them via email a couple times but haven’t received a response. I’m going to add up what they actually charged me today. It’s gotta be about 35-45% more than they should have charged me. My issue is that I don’t know of a way to contact them. I’ve searched and searched but cannot find a phone number. Any help would be appreciated.

Getting a hold of someone from YouTube is probably just as easy as getting a hold of someone from Facebook.

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Wow. What an intelligent response! Geez. If you don’t have the answer please don’t post BS.

Aw that’s Geezer. Standard posting procedure!

Back to the topic: NO I am not a youtube subscriber. I will grant you that youtube has the mostest content out there you can find almost anything, as with using google itself.

That is presuming they have not censored, banned, shadow banned, or blocked what you are looking for. Or hit it with frivolous copyright claims like they did me – copy right on Bach music gimme a break.

So, in conclusion, Youtube is Google and Google is EVIL. That makes youtube evil. Move to rumble!

They more than likely banned the rendition of Bach that you used … if so, it’s a simple case of copyright infringement. They’re just abiding by the law.

No Geezer I made the rendition myself, using only the score and my own instrument. They hit me with a totally uncalled for frivolous claim, which evil Youtube supported and allowed to stand for a full month before the jackass claimant ignored my protest of Public Domain.

I’m not Geezer, I’m H200h, … who is “They” in “they hit me with”… ??

Oh sorry about that…

They is some unknown entity within the space of evil Youtube. I have seen others, like BMI, but this one did not say. I am thinking it might be youtube itself, considering how fast the notice appeared. That is virtually instantly after uploading the video.

That’s OK we have a better way. It is called Rumble.

Hello. I am Ilko. I am using YouTube TV since 2019 ( I had before Hulu live and switch to my current streaming). I love and I am very happy with YouTube TV (YTTV) for all of the reasons listed in this article. I also agree with the cons and the price increased from $35 to $65 now. Great is that you can rearrange the channels according to your preference of watching or in alphabetical order. I personally do not see 100+ channels, but who is the one watching all of those available? I would like to ask Clark and the community: why today (I may know the possible answer) everything is + behind the streamers? Also, can we have one name as Streamers and all others be listed under this big umbrella, and customers paying one cost can switch between them without paying extra, for shows or movies NOT available in your subscription? I enjoy reading your posts every day and I will continue reading and getting more info I did not have/know before. Happy Marry Christmas to you and your family.