Short Term Trials at .99 with auto renew?

I am getting offers of short term trials at like .99 cents for 1 to 3 Months with auto renew at FULL price. Do you accept them? Have you had trouble canceling. Do you remember to cancel.

It is obvious they do not care about the .99 just your Credit Card info for the Auto renew.

I only do it when I have serious interest… not just a passing look/see.

I took the 2 weeks free on YouuTube TV when I was serious about cutting the Comcast cord. However, even then 2 weeks was not enough so we paid for a month before we decided to cut the Comcast cord and go with YouTube TV permanently.

That said, I like low cost offers that STICK! I have been getting Hulu (w/ads No TV just features) for 1.99 a month (Black Friday Special) for several years… just use a different Email address!!!