AT&T 1 gig Internet unlimited

Apparently, it has been a year sine we left Comcast for cordless. (YouTube TV)

I also changed my internet provider to AT&T,
Good to be free of Comcast and their Pricing Practices.
The AT&T price was $75/mo for unlimited 1 Gig and included HBOMax.

This was close to Comcast at a slower speed w/o the HBOMax.

I thought the $75 was the price… seems AT%T also plays games.

When I got the bill for $95, I called.
The Level 1 was no help… I got switched to Loyalty.

There I got the, lets see what we can do.
I know that game… reduced price for reduced service.
I let him know I was not interested in reduced service just that they honor the price. I went on that their deal was better than Comcast then, but not now… and that the Comcast cable was still buried in my lawn.

Surprisingly, he came back with an offer, I could not refuse.
$80 a month (not a promo, no expiration) and a $60 credit, replacing the $5 increase for 12 months.

I will let you know if they renig on this deal.

I’ve cut the xfinity cord. I’m about 10 days using the, new to me, T-mobile in house wireless internet. So far, so good. I’ve done several speed checks and most have been about 120 meg. Better than xfinity. It’s $50 a month, all inclusive. Hooked my old big antenna back up and getting a bunch of local stations. Will get a couple of cheap streaming services and the total will be less than half the xfinity bill. Time will tell if this is the wave of the future.

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We stream Philo (was grandfathered at $20 month, new customers $25). Wife loves it. However no sports. Tmobile gave us a $10 a month credit fora year which was only $10 per month . Now they have extended the credit. $10 for over 60 channels. I cut the Comcast cord 2-3 years ago. Went with Century Link fiber 1 Gig for $65 month. They gave us a free router. Much faster and poorer than Comcast. Couldn’t be happier.