Can the Xfinity company get any worse? [yes]

And I mean just the company. I love the services, but their ever changing rules and policies are horrible.

Some time ago, they cancelled Cinamax but also raised prices. I called and she said they ‘gave’ me EPIX. Ah, no, they charged $5.99 more. Recently, they moved that to MAX and charged $15.99. [never an email about this-they just do it.]

Tonight, tried to open SHOW, but it’s now an extra subscrition. $$$

Opened my saved programs and it’s over 100% full. Huh? Began deleting many and finally got it down to 50% [which I’ll probably never watch anyway]

But they offer greater space for more money. $$$

Everything on the site is sell or upsell. $$$

Help is non-existent. I tried to ask a question in Support about my Home Security system, and was directed to 7,607 articles. But no answers.


Xfinity is the biggest PIA company I have ever dealt with, will never do it again.

My problem is there is no other service here than can compete with it. Getting all my services from other companies would cost 2x what I pay xfinity.

I dumped Comcast/Xfinity last year. The deal breaker for me was realizing I was paying $9 per month for each of 3 digital converter boxes I had to have on each TV. That’s $324 per year, year after year for boxes that probably cost them $50.

Then the real breakthrough was learning I could get TMobile 5G Home Internet for $50 per month. So I dumped Comcast, got YouTube TV and bought an Apple TV box for each TV to manage everything. Far exceeds my expectations.

The future is 5G, 6G, 7G, whatever the next technology is. No wires. No cables.

Many years ago, Xfin had a page showing all the ‘other’ brand top boxes thar work with Xfin… Long gone. Just did a search–nothing.

Of course Xfin wants us to use only their cheap but highly overpriced boxes.

MORE: found many xfinity top boxes on ebay for $16-35. Bought the $16 one. Will see if it works. If so, will buy two more. If not, $16 is not that big a gamble.

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They did do one thing right recently - they introduced Now internet which is only $30/month (and I think they have a first year introductory offer of only $20/month for the first year).

If you’re getting charged an arm and a leg for cable TV, have you checked out their $20 Now TV lineup? It’s mostly lifestyle channels, but at least it’s relatively cheap. Other alternatives: Frndly TV for $7/month, Philo for $25/month, or Sling TV, starting at $40/month.

Even cheaper, there are lots of great free streaming TV services like Amazon’s Freevee, Plex, Pluto TV, Sling’s own Freestream, The Roku Channel, Tubi, Xumo, etc. They don’t have the typical cable channels, but still have hundreds of channels to watch with lots of great entertaining content. And free YouTube has pretty much infinite choice of great video entertainment.

You can definitely buy your own modem. I did that to avoid the $15 a month they charged for that. I’ll be curious if you can use your own set top box. I’m doubtful as I believe they key off the serial number, or MAC address or whatever it’s unique identifier is.