#37 Why I hate Xfinity

Okay, probably more than 37 reasons, but it’s as good as any.

Wife and I used to love recording things on Comcast/Xfinity and watch them later. Xfin figured that out and disabled the fast forward options through commercials. Annoying but not too bad.

Recently, Xfin sunk to a low, even for them. Now, when watching a recorded show, it starts over from the beginning!!!

There is no more “resume” even if I watched 1:45 minutes live, and then saved the last 15 minutes, it still starts over and FF is disabled for commercials.

I am convinced their morning meetings begin with, “What can we do now to anger more viewers and make more money?”

[I’m stuck with them because nobody else offers all their services]

For some reason neither issue you mentioned is happening here. We do not have to start from the beginning with anything recorded and we can fast forward through through the commercials. Did this just recently start where you are?

At some time, I could too, and not sure when this changed.

@robertpri I am not seeing the issues you describe on recorded shows. Maybe you are seeing this during OnDemand shows ?

We used to have Xfinity (still do for internet). Have you looked at dropping cable tv entirely? We did and are both happier and spend less. I refuse to get any streaming service with commercials (we dropped Hulu because they jacked up their commercial-free rates).

After seeing others do not have this problem, took a look at Saved DVD’s. Astonished, I found only three shows saved but 100% FULL

Deleted those and screen still said, 100% Full, 0 Recordings.

Checked Scheduled and it said 100% Full, 255 Scheduled.

Huh? Then many calls to Xfin and they saw the same problem.

Nobody could explain or fix it. [I regret not taking pics of those bizarre screens.]

Late last night, a very patient rep turned off my DVD feature, cancelled it, waited five minutes, and then turned it back on.

Problem resolved, and still nobody understands what happened.

So, botttom line, the problem noted in the OP, was Xfinity’s.

OMG I probably have 337 reasons! Dropped service overnights, slow service, charges kept increasing, even had a price lock contract that they somehow lost track of-I had to go in person to show my copy of the contract…so many more gripes… Grew up in a city that disturbingly never had much real cable competition until 8 or 9 years ago (there were small options in years before but poor reviews). Over time I decided the only way to really get results was to drive on down to the town’s Comcast office, wait in long lines to get things resolved and to always get things in writing. I’d always told myself as soon as there was a viable alternative to Comcast even if it was at a higher price I’d go for it. I am paying less and happy with a local company that saw the need in the area, invested in us and have treated us so much better. Doesn’t matter what Comcast will ever offers, even for free I’d never do business with them again.

I agree, but if I went to other suppliers for all the services, my bill would double