Films At Home: "Best Buy’s Movie Prices Are INSANE!"

Check out this video and weep:

I have sooooo many channels, I can’t understand buying a movie.


I can’t understand wanting to sit in front of a TV for 2 hours straight.

I understand it’s an acquired skill… :nerd_face:

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I watch a lot of Youtube Videos… most are less than 20 minutes… 2 hours is a bit much.

BTW Youtube has all 58 episodes of the TV Series “The Paper Chase” We have been binging on that… Excellent.

I’ve watched quality 2 hour movies that seemed to unwind faster than crappy 1/2 hour sitcoms. BTW, I think 1.5 hours is really the sweet spot for most movie fare. With streaming or DVDs one can always do a “Let’s all go to the lobby” song, dance, and popcorn run. I did buy 1/2 dozen DVD’s back before streaming became so widespread, but have bought nothing in years.

Which is why I love recording movies. Can stop and resume anytime.

Prime just put up all 7 or 8 seasons of Barney Miller. A truly first class sitcom, that I could easily watch if it was extended to an hour. Best cop show ever, and even a lot of old school cops agree.