Jeff Rauseo: "Will Movie Theaters Survive A Struggling Box Office?"

Um, is it even worth it to go see a movie at a local theater anymore? :weary:

I only go to movie theaters about once or twice a year, when I get dragged in by friends. I can’t remember the last time I went to a theater and there were more than a dozen patrons sitting in there. Sometimes it feels like a private party since the only ones in there is my group. And then you leave and the entire cinema complex is almost completely empty, like we’re in the Omega Man. My husband chuckles whenever the ticket seller goes through the charade of “pick out what seat you want to sit in” before you get your ticket.

I doubt it.

There is no way I can financially justify regular visits to theaters. Even for movies I want to watch that benefit from the “big screen”, I’m out $70 (including a bucket of seriously overpriced popcorn, and a large diet coke, again seriously overpriced) for two tickets. Because the prices are so high, we’re starting to see theaters and chains come up with gimmicks: full bars in the lobby, membership clubs, etc.

The last three movies in the past 5 years I have seen in a theater: Top Gun: maverick, Ford vs. Ferrari, and the last Mission Impossible. Don’t even get me started on content.

Going to the movies used to be fun. I don’t understand why people pay “big bucks” to go to the movie, then they talk or text on their phone, get up and walk around, talk to their friends, talk to the movie, etc. It is annoying.

The cost of attending a movie in a theater is outrageous. Wait a couple of weeks and rent or buy the movie for streaming. Wait a couple more weeks and watch it for free on one of the streaming services.

The content has become a problem too. People want to be entertained at the movies. They do not want to be preached some ideology that Hollywood wants to push out to us.

I can’t wait for AI to give us new John Wayne movies or some new 80’s type action movies.