Films At Home: "Why I Don’t Buy Bootleg Blu-rays (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)"

People might want to check out this video:

While I see his point, the same argument would apply to the purchase of legitimate used DVDs and blu-rays also.

Also… don’t buy stolen food items, hardware, cars, trucks, medicine, TVs, tires, books, lawn mowers, baby formula, rubber bands, thumb tacks, cows, horses, lumber and cement… but above all… be careful how you take advice from a guy who doesn’t shave and wears his baseball cap backwards… :roll_eyes:

Didn’t watch the video. What is the Cliff Notes on it?

Basically “Support the creators. (These are generally not big time creators). Buy or stream legit copies of things so the studios know there’s an audience.”

Copying and reselling intellectual property without the owner’s permission is stealing. Just because it’s easier that breaking into a store and removing merchandise doesn’t change that fact, it’s still theft.

No… I wouldn’t watch a video on why people shouldn’t buy stolen cars either.