Do you pay less for ad-supported streaming or pay more for no ads?

What is your tolerance for commercials? Is it so low that you’re willing to pay more to avoid them? Tell us here!

The only ad-free programming I pay for is Paramount+.

I use a DVR for OTA stuff and usually manually skip past the ads using fast forward.

I have Netflix and Prime. I plan on dropping prime next year since damn near everything I want to watch costs extra. Can’t see the sense in paying over a hundred bucks a year to be given the privilege of buying movies.

I grew up with TV programs with ads. The non-ad stations were public TV and at the time had educational programs which were not on my viewing list. Thus I am frugal/cheap and either watch free channels with ads or pay the lower price and accept the ads.

Speaking of Public TV, I once worked at the station which was hosting Bob Ross’s painting show. I didn’t meet him but saw his easel.

Also I worked in radio and did my share of making commercials (both recorded and live). I may still have my voice tucked away back there, having recorded the “This is a test. For the next 60 seconds…” EBS recordings. I can still do that all from memory.

Commercials. Isn’t that what Social Media ‘Influencers’ do?

Pretty much, yes. People buy a lot because of the Kardashians on social media, but I’m not sure I’d want to meet someone who can be influenced by the Kardashians.

For me, one of the best places to watch ad-free TV programming is PBS.

A good example of that is the Ken Burns production of the life of Benjamin Franklin playing this week on PBS.

This week we watched CBS’s Survivor over the air, it was a 2-hour episode. The commercials seemed frequent and painfully long.

The next day I opened the Paramount+ app and checked the duration of the ad-free episode. It was 85 minutes long.

That leaves 35 minutes over a 120-minute show for ads. That’s a long time watching ads!

The only thing we watch Live are Sports.

Everything else is DVR… was TiVo, Now Youtube TV.

In fact we will often start watching an hour show 15 to 20 minutes after the start to avoid the Commercials and end on time.

I have a Suspician, this why Sports Ads are in Demand.

I pay extra for Hulu ad free because my 20th century internet connection and the ads combine to make watching unbearable.

I do not pay for Ad Free anything.

I watch a lot of Youtube Videos… but $12 a month is too much.
Would I pay $5 a month for Youtube Ad Free? Probably!

IMHO, Youtube Premium should be included in my Youtube TV.

I have amazon Prime so do not need the Youtube Music.