Paramount Plus price discount

Paramount just reduced the price of the annual plan for the no commercials plan from $150 to $120. I just paid mine last week at the $150 and did a chat with them and after asking for a refund and they said no. I then asked for a 3 month extension to recover the cost and then they gave me the refund.

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Hmmm… I get Paramount plus $4.99/month. You must have a package with Showtime or something.
I really like Paramount Plus – more than I expected to!

Is that with ads? I have a legacy commercial-free Paramount+ with no ads that costs me $100/year. It was a replacement of the old CBS All Access plan.

Yes, I get ads. That’s fine. I can’t fault $4.99/month, and ads don’t bother me that much.

Recently I have seen a bundle of PP + Showtime for $11.99/month, not sure how long that goes until it’s full price.

For Clarity I have the Paramount Plus with Showtime and No commercials

That’s a good deal. I keep thinking about getting it…

I picked it up around Black Friday when they offered a year for about $25. I decided to get it because it included Smithsonian channel which I really enjoy. The commercials don’t bother me at all at that price.

If you have access to a student, you can get it for $3.74 a month. I just subscribed to it to watch Criminal Minds latest season. Will probably keep it since it’s the only one I pay for.

“Access” to a student? Isn’t the intent of the student discount to give the student themselves a break?

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In this case it’s The “Parents Discount”.

Paramount Plus is suppose to be raising prices sometime in the third quarter this year. The add version is going up $1 per month according to Rich On Tech. Also there are promo codes out there as well if you want to watch it for free. FYI if anyone cares.