Paramount+ w/ or w/o Showtime

Black Friday Sales.

Get 1 year of P+ for 2.50 a mo or “P+with Showtime” for $5 a month. Is Showtime any good? I have HBO Max with my ATT Internet.

Hulu is 1.99 a mo for 1 year. A keeper
A new Fargo with Jon Hamm is coming this year.

Peacock is .99 a Mo… looking good.

I have pretty well decided to get all 3… the question is do I really want Showtime even at a $2.50 upcharge on P+

BTW there are a lot of old TV shows free on YouTube… Barnaby Jones, The Paper Chase, Cannon, Father Dowling Mysteries… check it out

If you like any of the long-running CBS shows like Survivor, etc. P+ will give access to all the seasons. That’s like 43 X 14 X 1 hour (602 hours) just for Survivor, but it would be hard to take with ads, you’ll probably have to pay a few more bucks for ad-free. Don’t know about Showtime.

There is a free streaming site called DailyMotion. It has ads but with practice it’s fairly easy to skip over them. We found the Australian version of Survivor there.

Although these offers say they are for new or RETURNING subscribers… that is not what I found.

Although I did not get a reason… somewhere during the sign up, I got a problem… non response or changed offer… could not get the offers as advertised.

When I used a different EMail address and Credit Card( not sure the changed CC was needed but just being careful)… things progressed smoothly. There are many places to get a free Email address if you need another one.

Just be sure to record what you did for future reference.