AD supported Netflix Standard Plan

What will be the cost of the AD supported Netflix Standard Plan (Now$15.49)?

$7… this puts them in line with Peacock and Paramount plus etc.

Hulu has been offering their Movies for $1.99 a month over Black Friday.

Amazon Prime with Free shipping is IMHO still the best deal.

Check out the Freebes on Youtube… lots of old favorites Barnaby Jones, Cannon and various episodes of Maverick and Matlock etc. We are about at the end of 8 seasons of Barnaby Jones… solid stories that do not PREACH!!!

I use this netflix plan too and I’m satisfied.

I saw a movie that was for rent on Showtime. It was free on Youtube.

I always suggest people also check here: JustWatch Apps for mobile and Smart TVs to see who is carrying a series or movie.