NORDvpn refuses to honor their refund policy

Many days ago, I paid $134.43 for 15 months of Nord VPN. Downloaded, installed, and tried to open. But it opens an existing account. ???

Recalled another attempt years ago and could never get it to work. It was a cheap, one month trial thing and I never pursued it.

Now, spent hours trying to remove / kill / delete that old account. Zero

Then sent five emails to NordVPN with the same results. They reply with a useless boiler plate explaining that ALL problems can be resolved in their FAQ’s.

I am totally frustrated, so ask for a refund of $134.43. In fact, TWELVE TIMES!

Guess their reply? Yep, all twelve times the same useless boilerplate.

My last resort is to call the bank and dispute the charge, but that has serious drawbacks. I want to dispute that ONE CHARGE, but B/A apparently thinks all disputes come from a stolen or hacked CC, so they will CANCEL my CC and send a new one. That is a big problem for me, but B/A seems incapable ot disputing just one single charge.


What a pain. Did you know that if you buy into a paid tier at Google, you get a VPN? I’m on the $12 per year (will never increase) Proton Pass password manager, and I get a VPN along with it, also unlimited email aliases. They provide basic security.

I’d have BA cancel the card… because all card numbers “go bad” eventually (get compromised) in my experienced so might as well rip the band-aid off.

This is why I set up all my critical recurring payments - utilities, important subscriptions, insurance, health related, etc - with CapitalOne VentureOne virtual cards. The physical card number can get hacked, so long as the account stays up, the automatic credit card payments keep going.

I think another company does virtual cards well, can’t remember which though.