Not satisfied with capital one

Capital One has been a pain in the craw. I wish Clark would not recommend the Quicksilver card.

I purchased Kiwi Co on 12/17/2021. The merchant denied the request because the transaction auto-renewed on 12/1/2022. I worked it out with the merchant for a prorated refund of $204.05 but I must cancel the dispute with Capital One. This is the first time I would have lost a dispute with a CC company

Because the charge was on 12/5/2022, I am concerned that the 60 day dispute window will close on 2/3/2023. Capital One is saying they’re following Mastercard procedures. They now say they cannot cancel the dispute

I don’t know if I need to go thru the CFPB or if I can go thru the OCC. the OCC was helpful 15 years ago with the Macys card. They closed my account but I was not liable for $850 in charges

Easy cashback redeeming is the only reason I keep this card. It is not friendly with chrome browser, arrogant CSR… the list goes on. Unfortunately I don’t know a quick and easy solution to your problem - just venting…

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I never had any trouble with them when I was using that card, but I just recently moved everything to the Citi Double Cash card. Now I can’t get alerts to work on that card even though they work fine on the Costco Citi Visa Card. Called Customer No service several times and they can’t seem to fix it. All they do is try the same things over and over and keep telling them that none of that works and they need to get someone from the tech team involved. Grrrr.

Smartpolitics… From your post I’m not sure exactly what your issue is. Perhaps you should try and re-explain it?

As far as Capital One I have their Visa card that pays 1% back and like the way it pays out automatically when the reward hits $25. Nice to not have to track it. Also, their virtual credit card implementation is FANTASTIC! (Light years ahead of Citibank). Use it with the “Uno” Google Chrome extension and it will automatically pop-up on a website’s checkout page to generate (or recall) a unique virtual number for that vendor. Finally, management of your virtual numbers is a breeze and numbers can easily be activated or deactivated easily.

All that said I find myself using the Citi Mastercard more often because of the 2% cash back in spite of Citibank’s lack of convenience features that Capital One has.

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I would also express dissatisfaction with capital one, if it would be acceptable to the forum moderators.

For a few years I had an ING direct I think it was, savings that got bought and became C-1 360. No problem until I decided to apply for QS card and they sent me a $500 credit limit “platinum” card instead. A few months later I bit on the offer of QS card with a promo kickback of $200, I think, after spending some modest amount. Note that I keep credit scores over 800.

BIG mistake! They actually sent me a QS card with another stupid low credit limit. I then called to confirm that my account would get the rebate if I followed the rulez. Rep advised that my account did NOT qualify for the offer! They also failed and refused to make it so! I then promptly terminated ALL business with the institution.

The BIG mistake though remains to haunt me as I have a couple of inquiries within a few months, and a couple of new accounts which are both fully paid off and closed. But my stellar credit score is worthless just because of those C-1 inquiries and accounts. Won’t make that mistake again.

I will be too

All of my disputes with Chase and PenFed have been so much easier. Capital one misread the contract and was not budging. The contract said Dec 2022: it never said Dec 1, 2022. To me, this ambiguity should mean Dec 17. The merchant appears to agree but is waiting on Capital One to close the dispute. I do wish Capital One was sanctioned for not handling the dispute properly

The reason why you dispute a transaction is to preserve your rights within the 60 day period. Whether the merchant honors the refund or not, I’ll be closing all business with Capital One and I wish millions of other people would do the same

I am an extremely satisfied customer. I use the Venture card and the rewards pay a lot of my traveling expenses. They have very tight security. On occasion they will decide that a charge is suspicious and the.first notification would be when your card is denied because they locked the account. It used to irritate me until my bank account was hacked. I was at a medical conference with some 20,000 attendees and my daughter texted me to send her money. I did not think to disconnect from the public wifi. I am surprised how the bad guys can find out in such a crowd who is contacting a financial institution. The first $2500 fraudulent wire went through but when they tried it again CapitalOne contacted me. My accounts were frozen and I was given new numbers. They reimbursed the very last penny. Right now their savings account pays 3.3%. Not the highest but decent.

I had an ING Direct account and was worried when it was taken over by CapitalOne. I have had no problems.

My plus for them was that I was able to create a business account and cash checks made out to my business, all for free. I still use that account. Not a big deal, but a free business account? Priceless! (no really, no price)