Capital One buying Discover

I have a Discover card. With Capital One buying it, should I consider cancelling it and getting a different card?

Why? I’d think it’s bit early to make those decisions since the buy isn’t even approved yet.

Could be but I’m not impressed with Capital One.

And I’m not impressed with Discover card. They boasted a “one time CCN” that I wanted. I used it for several subscriptions that I wanted to control. At the end of the period I could decide whether to renew or not.

Much to my surprise [and anger] those subs rolled over automatically. I called Discover and said I believe a “one time CCN” means it can only be used one time, hence the name.

“Oh yes,” the rep proudly explained. “No other seller can ever use it. Ever.” She was very pleased with this.

“But my subscription was paid by you when the year was up.”

“Oh yes, that’s our feature! That vendor is the only one who can use it.”

That was NOT my definition of “one time”. I closed my account and went to Citi Bank and their Virtual Card Numbers.

I’ve been a VERY satisfied customer of Discover for over 30 years and am a little apprehensive about a possible merger. Discover’s customer service is the best—by far of—of any on-line business I do business with. I talk to live people, whom I can understand, and I’m always satisfied with their resolutions.

My local 30 year financial institution had a merger several months ago and I continue to deal with their non-positive changes. If the merger goes through between Discover and Citi, I’m hopeful Discover’s current policies and customer service remain the same.

Thank you Clark Howard for the valuable information you provide. I read your emails daily and trust your advice, which I share with my husband, family and friends!

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You are correct. Discover CS is easily available 24 / 7.

I listen to Pandora a lot for Music. During the commercial breaks, they are always advertising for Discover card and how great they are.

Until CO institutes their cost cutting moves. I hope Capital doesn’t screw up Discover Card. I’ve had one for 40 years.

Discover was the one card that allowed me to take my soon to be ex off our card, freeze it and request a new (numbered) card be mailed to me within a minute of calling. Capital One on the other hand allowed the freeze but wouldn’t remove the ex until I mailed in a physical request…dragging out the process almost 2 weeks. Thankfully I don’t expect to be in that jam again but the way each handled things forever changed my view of both. Outside of an occasional promotion I’ve hardly used CO in the 10 years since.