Citi bank, Virtual Card Numbers, CS is useless

I love Citi’s virtual card number feature as I’ve noted here previously.

That said, I’ve learned users are on their own. Tech and Customer support is designed specifically for normal banking. And that’s all.

Over the year, I’ve had a couple of issues and endured one of the worst phone robots to finally get a human. Did that and was relayed to another rep SIX TIMES!

Not one of them understood their own Virtual CC’s, or could answer any question, and worse, did not seem to even know it existed or how it works. Frustrating.


Yes, I have been using them for years. With the new update and none of the support, you have to be very careful, if you want the card number to be used only once. No FAQ. page whatsoever. The new is designed to be given to IE. comcast and creditors can keep drawing from the same number over and over.

Yes, as noted earlier, I had about 15 numbers for 15 merchants. Worked perfectly until I challenged one of the charges. So they DISABLE ALL 15 NUMBERS!

Had to start over. Very annoyed, and nobody at CS or TS had any idea what I was talking about,