Wells Fargo Active Cash Visa Credit Card

Is anyone using this card?

I’m pretty unhappy with the Citi Double Cash Card because of their customer no service and their delays in posting / crediting rewards. Honestly I feel like I’m not receiving the full rewards.

So thinking of applying for the Wells Fargo card but wondering if anyone has experience with it. Specifically would be interested in knowing if they provide virtual card numbers that can be used for online purchases or for recurring payments and if their customer service is decent.


I have it. It’s comparable to the Citi Double Cash, but rewards come quicker (you get it all when you spend the money, instead of waiting until next month to get half). Doesn’t Citi make you accrue $50 in rewards before they’ll let you cash out? I can’t remember. WF only requires $25. When I signed up, I got a $200 sign-up bonus. Look around and see if you can find any current offers.

I stopped using it once I got the Alliant Visa Signature Card, which pays 2.5% once properly seasoned. Note that it takes some time to qualify for 2.5% with Alliant. They start you out at 1.5% until you’ve met certain requirements for about three months ($1000 in their high-rate checking account, which is a good account). Double-check the fine print, and just use whatever 2% card you want until you qualify for 2.5% back. I didn’t do that, and missed out on 0.5% for however long it took me to notice I was only getting 1.5%.

I have a WF Active Cash card. I got it a year ago so I could take their $200 after I met the spending requirements. I just stopped using it as I got the Citi Double Cash card so I could take their $200. The WF requirement to have $25 or more of rewards before you can use them irritated me. Plus it takes a couple of days after the statement is available for the rewards to update. Discover used to have the $25 limit years ago, but then they changed it such that there is no limit. If the Citi DC card has a $50 limit, I wasn’t aware of that and I don’t see anything on the site that indicates that limit. I haven’t had issues with either one. I’ve had fraud on both the WF and Citi cards and they took care of it as expected. I say go for it and take their $200.