Is Wells Fargo better as a CC servicer than Elan?

I have the Fidelity Rewards Visa 2% flat cash back, serviced by Elan, and they keep making mistakes that cost me money. Lately they didn’t lift a fraud alert I placed on an unrecognized transaction which I later recognized, and months later I got a past due bill with late fee from the provider. I specifically called them and told them to cancel the dispute and pay the provider, and they didn’t.

I saw this card at

"The Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card has earned a coveted 5-star rating from our experts, and it’s easy to see why.

This is the first card we’ve seen that offers a best-in-class unlimited 2% cash rewards rate, and would be highly-rated based on that alone. But it also offers two additional highly sought-after features: a hefty $200 cash rewards sign-up bonus after spending $500 on purchases within three months, and a generous 15-month 0% intro APR period from account opening on purchases and qualifying balance transfers (20.24%, 25.24%, or 29.99% Variable APR thereafter). I’ve simply not come across this combination of top perks in one card before.

Add in the fact that you get all of this for $0 annual fee, and this card becomes a no-brainer for many consumers. I don’t say this lightly: it’s easily one of the best cash rewards cards we’ve seen."

It sounds like it could replace the Fidelity card… is Wells a better servicer than Elan? If so, I might be tempted to add it.

I have the Wells Fargo card, and am happy with it. However, I’ve switched over to Alliant CU’s card that pays 2.5% cash back. When Alliant canceled my card after I reported to a fraudulent charge, I switched back to the WF card until my new Alliant card arrived.

I don’t have any experience with Elan, so I can’t compare.

This is so very annoying! I wanted to dispute ONE charge from one seller and B/A cancelled my card. So then all my autopays had to be reset.

Yes, it was a PITA. Cox even tried to charge me a returned payment fee because I forgot to update them. They refunded when I complained (and then I canceled the service and switched to the new company that ran fiber in my town a couple of months later).

It is nice to hear report of Elan not being so good. I have a fairly new WF card and so far it is good. Of course they are a giant monster mega bank.

When going for 2% back cards I did try for the Fidelity one. Elan hit me up because they don’t like my address claiming it is a “mail drop.” Of course it is; it is the US Post Office, where I get ALL financial mail. That is [USPS Street address] unit xxx, AnyTown, USA. They demand to know where I actually live. Like where do I park my travel trailer this month? Banksters pull this instantly if you want a deposit account, but might have no problems with KiloBucks worth of credit card line.

I told Elan we were done, and promptly ported out Roth and brokerage accounts that I had opened just to receive the cash back. I have long despised Fidelity anyway…

I considered the Fidelity card and discovered that Elan Financial manages it. I had another credit card managed by Elan Financial and had bad experiences with their customer service. I cancelled that card. I am happy with Fidelity for other services they provide. I wish they would have gone with someone other than Elan Financial for their credit card.

I have the Wells Fargo Active Cash Card and use it for most of my daily spending. So far, I have been very happy with the card, the customer service, and the cash back that is provided.

Over the years, I have had customer service experiences with several different credit card companies. I have found American Express is the best and easiest to use. For that reason, I have an American Express Blue Cash card with them.

I have used Elan for many years with the Fidelity Rewards Visa and have only contacted customer service a couple times to dispute charges and have no negative comments towards them. They have always been helpful from my experience.

Elan is good until they aren’t. I reported a transaction as fraudulent, then realized it wasn’t (it was posted under a name I didn’t recognize, from a city I don’t live near). Anyway, I called Fidelity Cardmember Services and said, “this transaction is OK, please delete my dispute, pay it”.

Well, they didn’t pay. Six months later, I got a nastygram from the vendor, with past-due bill and a 10% penalty. I paid in full immediately, but then got on in touch with Fidelity (not Elan) and asked them to make this right.

A month or two later I got a sheepish letter from both Fidelity and one from Elan acknowledging they handled it wrong, and Elan gave me 10,000 points which more than comp’d me for the late fee.

I’m not cancelling my card or anything, but they really do mess up more than the others.

I have a AAA auto club CC and it’s managed by Elan. But they hide it. I see ACG card services and then some bank name.