What Is the Best Cash Back Credit Card?

Let us know what makes it so great!

For cash back…I want a card that offers the best rate without having to deal with the rotating category nonsense. I have had the Double Cash card for years and love it. An additional benefit is that this card supports the Virtual Account Number functionality from Citibank.

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I have the Double Cash MC as well because Clark recommended it. I also got the Paypal MC because it pays 3% for Paypal purchases and 2% for everything else. However, you can’t apply it directly to the card balance. You have to transfer it to Paypal or link your bank account which I don’t want to do. They will send you a paper check for $1.50. So I don’t use it except for Paypal purchases.

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I switched from that to Wells Fargo’s comparable card for the $200 sign-up bonus. Then I discovered the redemption limit is lower, and you don’t have to wait until next month to get the second half of the cash back. WF doesn’t have Virtual Account Numbers, but Citibank made that such a PITA to use that I hardly used it anymore anyway.

I’ve since moved on to the Alliant CU card, which pays 2.5%.

I use: USBANK CASH+ VISA for 5% back on utilities and internet.
USAA CASHBACK REWARDS from American Express for 5% back on gas.
Chase Freedom & Flex cards for 5% rotating categories.
All these cards came with nice Bonuses.

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My Double-Cash card from Citibank used to be my go-to card, but since I do a good deal of my shopping online I got a Paypal card which is managed by Synchrony. It gets me 3% for purchases through Paypal and 2% everywhere else. I got the AmericanExpress Bluecard for groceries but now that they raised the annual fee, I doubt if I will renew. I buy most of my groceries at walmart, Costco or the 99 cent store where I don’t get the 6% back anyhow.

Did they raise it? Mine was $95 in September. As far as I know, that’s what it’s always been. If it goes much higher, I’ll probably drop back to the regular (no fee) version.

I think I only paid $69 the first year. But yeah, I’ll drop down to something no fee. Canceling cards just messes up your credit score.

I used CITI Double Cash for years, but when Wells Fargo Active Cash came out with the same 2%, but not receiving it in a 2 step process I immediately changed to Wells Fargo Active Cash as my primary card. For Gas purchases I use the CITI Custom Cash because they pay 5% on highest category, and Gas is one of the category’s that is eligible, so I use that card for gas purchases only.

I have the Paypal 3% card as well and I just found out I can pay my property taxes through Paypal! The 3% back more than covers the CC fee they charge.

If you have a Golden! credit union available near you, their Visa is paying 4% rebate on gas and 3% on other purchases.

Amen! US Bank card is great - even having to pay a $1.50 fee to Duke Energy to pay via CC is worth it to earn 5% back on a $200 monthly electric bill. I’ve moved away from any US Bank branch, but still have a checking account with next to nothing in it. We have their credit cards (with no annual fees) so they waive any monthly fee on the checking account.

Agree - I refuse to mess with the rotating categories, except that I have to log on and tell US Bank that I want to keep the same categories as last quarter in order to keep earning 5% back on utilities, cell phone bills and internet. I keep waiting for them to drop utilities from the list of available categories. It seems crazy that they pay 5% cash back on utilities with no cap and no annual fee. US Bank has to be losing money on my Cash+ card, that’s for sure. I must get $300 in cash back a year easily.

Sam’s Club Master Card - The only card that pays 5% on gas anywhere. Since I purchase that more often that anything, this is still my favorite. Gotta be a Sam’s Club member to get the card I think so there’s the fee for that, but the credit card doesn’t cost anything extra to use with the membership.
3% on meals and travel is also nice. I eat our quite a bit. They’ve made it easier to access the cash back too. Use to be available after the first of the year as one lump sum. Now you can use it for in-store purchases and membership renewal at any time. I pay if off every month, so there’s never an interest charge.