Youtube TV Price Increase


We have an important update for our members. After nearly 3 years, we’re adjusting our monthly price from $64.99/month to $72.99/month. As content costs have risen and we continue to invest in the quality of our service, we are updating our price to keep bringing you the best possible service.

I keep hearing that local channels are the cause of the price increases. How about an option without local channels.

Beats me why local channels charge for having their signal expanded. Would they rather build a 1000 foot tower? Would the Feds even allow that.

I understand that with the channel realignment their signals were cut… I guess they think that is great!!!

People pay $65/mo for Youtube TV? I thought the point of cord-cutting was to save money.

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Well it is getting close.
I was paying about 220 for Comcast (incl 200mb Internet w/limit???) plus 15 for Tivo= $235

I now pay what 72 for YoutubeTV with unlimited DVR and 75 for ATT 1 gig unlimited- $147… saving about $85 a month.

===I have other streaming but probably would have them with comcast. I was paying $50 a month in equipment fees to Comcast… equipment that was long paid for.

Youtube TV/Roku makes it easy to have multiple TVs and switch TVs without missing a beat.

Boy, I’m out of the loop. I thought it was ridiculous (and canceled) when they raised my cable to $45/mo in 2002 or so.

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I always thought the reason for the price increases was due to all the sport channels, I guess the locals need to make more money too.

What ever happened to that $6 a month cable TV that would give you most all the channels.

Don’t the locals make money from Advertisers.
Cable carries the advertisers message a longer distance and thus makes the advertising more valuable.

I have never understood why cable should pay to essentially extend the range of the antenna. Seems to me if that is what they want the locals should give up their bandwidth and become cable channels.

This may help…

If you want an affordable option without the local channels, check out Philo for $25/mo. But you won’t get sports.

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Sports channels I imagine are very expensive too. Plus YTTV will have the NFL Sunday Ticket and even after charging extra for that, they may not cover the entire cost.

*I have clients that were paying $360 a month just for cable tv. A lot are in the $220 range so $73 a month is still a bargain *

Same here. I but the cable before streaming got big. I had thought that streaming would be the opportunity for ala carte TV…pick what you want to watch. The problem with streaming is that while you pay for YouTube, there is exclusive content on NetFlix or Prime or Paramount, so you’ll need to buy their packages as well.

keep using that word

We’ve had it for a few months but barely watch it. I actually paused the subscription a couple of weeks ago, and it’s about to go on pause. Then I saw the price increase alert. I’m definitely changing the pause to a permanent cancel. TV sucks anymore imo. I honestly don’t know what folks are watching to justify paying these crazy prices for it.

Kind of ironic. I live in a super rural area of GA and FINALLY got reliable internet about one month ago. So exciting! One of the first things I did, was “cut the cord” and ended my subscription to Dish Network, as the price went up to 89 dollars. Immediately signed up for YouTubeTV, as it seemed like the closest alternative. Convenient, DVR offered, and a savings of approx. 20 bucks a month. I have had the service for a total of 3 weeks…and the price goes up. Dang!! Now the cost difference is minimal. To say that I am discouraged would be an understatement. Then again, if this is the worst problem I have - I’ve got it made!!

Call Dish back and ask for a new customer deal.


you know, I may just do that! Great tip.

I pay $7.71 for Netflix w/ ads for now. What a time-waster! The only problem is that I feel so dumb, not watching the news. Use to pay $72 for HULU live and have FOX news. Can you guys mention it here if I need to find shelter due to China men’s or Putin innovation?

I signed up for youtubeTV several years ago for $50.00 per month; within a couple months after subscribing the price shot up to $64.99.

I like YoutubeTV far better than when I had ATT Uverse and 10 times better than when I had Spectrum (which used to be Time Warner)
But so much for the silly talk years ago that we would all be saving money by cable or cord cutting. No such thing has happened.

I like YoutubeTV compared to ATT Uverse and Spectrum, but even on YoutubeTV, I tend to watch only 3 or 4 channels, and I seldom watch any local channels. So a truly a la carte subscription option would be a real benefit. But none of the companies that offer TV subscriptions want to offer you a truly a la carte solution. YoutubeTV supposedly has two Disney Channels (at least it used to).

Well, I have zero use for that, none. Drop it from my lineup and give me a discount !!! Same with the moronic home cooking channels. Drop them, and give me a discount. They (none of the providers) have any desire to offer channels in a truly a la carte basis,

As it is now people are not saving a nickel by having cut the cord. They subscribe to YoutubeTV, or Sling or a few others and then they also subscribe to Netflix (a very good deal) and 3 or 4 others. it has gotten out of hand. Greed always wins.

Maybe I will cancel YouTubeTv now and go to sling. But sling has lousy DVR. only 25 hours or so. you would think that with all of this competition pricing would go down,But you would be WRONG !!!

I pay exactly $0.00. TV antenna for locals. Don’t care for sports. Dropped Netflix & Hulu. Plenty of free stuff on Roku channel, Tubi, freevee & others that suit my interests (news, history)

Don’t. Most of the news is fake anyway.