Xfinity modem/router VS. buying my own

The new year is coming and I need to buy my own modem/router, Xfinity will charge me a $14.99 / monthly rental fee in 2023.
I don’t know what to get. What is your recommendation?
We pay $50 a month around here for 8 GB for download speed.
Please help.

I use the Motorola MB8600 modem for my 1GB Xfinity plan. With that kind of download speed you will definitely want a DOCSIS 3.1 supported modem. I see there is a newer MB8611 that supports higher speeds. Your payback period is going to be around a year, so that is well worth the investment. Here is a useful page to review:

Before we cut the cord, I looked at that. Costco had it on sale.

Unfortunately could not find one that included the phone jack.
We were getting Phone as part of the Comcast Triple Play.

We moved the phone to ooma before cutting the cord.

8G With Xfinity?

Agree with Butler here. Go and buy yourself a good Docsys 3 cable modem to handle that part. I have a spare just in case; current one in service is an Arris Sb6190. I also have a TPlink. For my $49/mo, Commie Cast is providing 75 mbps download.

For the router, you also go get your own. Newegg is one example of a source. I will not use a router that I cannot flash with FreshTomato firmware, but you can of course just use the junky firmware provided by manufacturer. As with the modem, I keep a spare.

I’d get a good cable modem without the built-in router and add a mesh network. The latest Motorola cable modem or equal is a good choice.

I have an eero Pro 6e 3-puck system that will cover up to 6,000 sq ft wifi and a single puck system will cover 2,000 sq ft. It’s the simplest network I’ve ever installed, used and maintained and with auto updates and network-level security it’s one of the more secure home networks around.

Whatever you buy you will need to call Comcast to give them the numbers on the model. We have Xfinety as well but 200 mbps for $45 a month.

OK if somebody read this and still looking for the answer.
Found this on youtube, search for this " How to Stop Paying Xfinity Internet Equipment Fees Forever"
As you can tell I did not know what I was talking about. My actual Xfinity plan is 600 uploads and 200 downloads. I was able to save $170 / year not renting equipment from Xfinity. Does anybody have good experiences with google Fi, Is there any equipment rental?

Here is a link to the products page