Too good to be true? Spectrum home internet offer

I regularly get an offer to come back to Spectrum for 49.99 + taxes and fees (we switched to Windstream fiber optic but promotional rates are ending). Just got a mailing for $19.99/month, 300 mpbs, guaranteed for 2 years. Has anyone else gotten this? I’ve never seen a rate that low, and not for 2 years.

I’m getting 1 Gig Service from AT&T Fiber for $80 a month. It includes “Free” HBO max which I seldom use.

Before being cordless, we had Comcast at $220 a Month… so the $80 to AT&T and $65 to YTTV … $145 looked good.

Also Comcast had extra charges for exceeding, I believe 1.2 whatevers in a month. AT&T is unlimited.

I was paying $50 month to Comcast for equipment rental. Rokus are cheap.

I am wondering how many Mbps we can go to without affecting service. Is there an Mbps estimator on line?

We are happy with YTTV.

Is there an installation charge from Spectrum?

Is this what you re asking about?

“Includes FREE self-installation” :laughing:

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Self-installation is usually better than having them send a tech out anyway, because then you don’t have to wait around for a few hours during the appointment window. Just open the box left on your doorstep, plug the modem in, and maybe spend five minutes with tech support to finalize the setup. That’s all the tech does anyway.

Apparently Spectrum is over the air.
We tried Sattelite in a Rural Area… It was awful.

Very Slow and frequent pauses in TV.
The benefit was that you could turn it off like from Oct to April when no one was there… finally switched to local Provider… works great.

Spectrum’s WiFi signal in our area was unstable.

I had to constantly reset th modem and router.

Gave up and went to Google @ $ 70.00 for 1 Gig.

WiFi speed varies but provides a usable signal.

Nver have gotten a full gig on direct connection.

Of course they still charge me for a full gig’

The rep came knocking on my door. We have ATT Fiber for $60/month soon to be $80. But it gets 600 instead of 300 Spectrum offers. We need an extender as it is so will stick with the ATT.

It’s not entirely clear what you are asking. You seem to be conflating speed/bandwidth (how fast the connection is) with the total amount of data sent over the connection in the billing period (month). AT&T fiber seems to claim unlimited data and no throttling. Although there is probably something stated in the fine print. I think you are maybe asking about how much data is being used by watching YTTV? That’s mostly affected by what resolution you watch in. ATT has a usage estimator at but there are many others online.

You might want to clarify what type of service they are offering for $20/mo and what market you are in. There is some confusion in the responses as to whether this is fiber, cable, DSL, or fixed wireless. Market competition can drive prices and speeds. I think in a lot of markets 300 mbps is Spectrum’s basic offering now, although $20/mo would be low in my market (Charlotte). I guess one question is why did you leave Spectrum–just because of price or were there service issues? If you were ok with the stability of the service I’d say go for the lower price.

One other question would be around data caps and throttling. If you’re using, say, 500GB or more of data per month you probably should check the fine print around that. Both from Spectrum and from Windstream to compare. They probably say “unlimited”, but ISP’s definitions of unlimited usually have limits. The implication is your typical data consumption hasn’t changed since you were with Spectrum before, but this is one factor that can be a gotchs for some people price shopping.

My ATT Fiber just went up to $75 a month. BUT I am getting over 600Mbps. I just installed a mesh network and my speed in my office downstairs get 400Mbps. I will pay the extra. 300 Mbps would never work for our environment.

No offer from Spectrum here as we have Commie Cast. For a good year I had $20/mo for internet only because I told them to remove everything “TV”. After a while they bumped it to $49/mo. I get typically 55 mbps download or a little betterl Sure beats the wireless ISP I had in last location. And the satellite I tried was terrible.