Spectrum Choice 15

It seams that Spectrum sales force does not want you to know about their streaming service.

My Internet bill is up to $ 233.93 per month with many channels.

On a routine week I only watch 5, 1 news channels and 4 TruCrime channels.

I wento to a Spectum store and asked what they could do about the rate.

They just told me to call billing.

The clerk did not mention their streaming product and there were no displays and streaming products in the store.

I called billing and after going through voice mail hell and waiting until i grew substantially older I finally got a tech who told me how to order Choice 15. This is their streaming channel and you get 15 channels for about $ 131.00, a savings of 102.91 a month after you by the streaming devices.

I bought two RoKu sticks for $ 49.00 each and after some issues with the app I got it working so I can stream my Spectrum line up.

I wsnted to be sure everything worked an anticipated before ordering the new service.

I will wait until I am near the end of the billing cycle before I make the change so I get the last service on the current plan.

I am sure they will try and up the cost at the end of the first year at which time I will look for other options.

Don’t you find all the crime stories a little depressing?

Have you ever checked out all the drama, history an science offerings on PBS? They’re cheap, only $60 a year for everything.

Like the evening news’ :confounded:

I avoid those shows as well… too depressing. :neutral_face:

I watch those true crime channels. I’m a dinosaur and still have cable TV.

look at ATT for internet and you tube tv, you can share youtube tv with others and split the cost.