Is Spectrum Mobile Worth the Savings?

Have you tried Spectrum Mobile? Tell us what you think about it!

I have been using Spectrum Mobile for about a year. It has actually been fine. I would say it is about 90% as good as my coverage with Verizon at 60% the cost. So I am living with it. My issue came today when I tried to move my 4 phone family plan at $45 per phone per month to their currently available $29.90 plan. Spectrum said I am not eligible for it. But if I cancelled and came back after 30 days, it would be available. Cmon Spectrum, wise up.

I was going to say ‘YIKES!’ to these prices. $30/mo or $45/mo? Absolutely not no way. But I note in the article that Spectrum will do “by the gig” for $14/mo. Much better, and essentially what I have with Commie Cast at $15/mo.

Xfinity is similar, requiring cable service, auto pay, and cleared credit. Well I was not about to give my Socialist number to Commie Cast. If it was hard and fast, I would not have it today. I bought my own compatible phone (2020 iPhone SE), had trouble ordering a SIM, and then called up to whine about why I could not order. Rep handled it and did not ask for Socialist number. After all I have been their cable customer for a number of months and never gave SS for it either. If I don’t pay cut me off what’s wrong with that! I have little trouble staying under 1 gigabyte.