What Are the Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors?

Did we miss a plan on our list or did you find a better deal? Let us know!

I just received an email offer from Spectrum mobile for $29.99 (taxes & fees included) for an unlimited plan, buy one, get the 2nd one free. We are currently with Verizon and pay $40 per line, plus fees & taxes. We like the service with Verizon, and Spectrum claims they use the Verizon network. Have you gotten any complaints about Spectrum? This offer is very tempting!
Thank you!

Mint still has the best deal for 5G data, my bill comes out to about $17/month when I pay for the year.

Consumer Cellular began by focusing on the seniors. They now seem to be expanding from that focus, but a monthly discount is available if you are a member of AARP. I joined AARP to get the discount. The discount basically pays for my AARP annual membership.

I have Consumer Cellular and love the service. I see that they offer two lines of Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data for $55. The offer is for new customers.

Consumer Cellular is a shared data plan where multiple lines share a “bucket” of data. I don’t know what other services do that. I don’t use much data, so I like the idea of a shared data plan. I think many people overpay for data that they don’t use. Consumer Cellular allows you to start small and work up, if necessary. Of course, with the $55 plan that would not be a consideration.

Consumer Cellular uses the AT&T network. I do not buy phones from the phone company, so I do not have the monthly charge for a phone on my bill. If you want to keep your same phones, Consumer Cellular will send you new SIM cards for free.

Consumer Cellular has started opening stores in some areas. If you have a store near you, you might prefer the service of a store. Otherwise, everything is handled ove the phone. Their customer service has always been great for me.