Have you ever used T-Mobile's home internet service?

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I’ve had T-Mobile home internet for several months. Before I had AT&T dsl. So cheaper and much faster. Just checked my speed, 547 down and 26 up. And per the map I’m about 2.5 miles from the tower. Spectrum offers gigabit service to my home now. But it’s well over twice the cost. The Verizon tower is much closer but no 5g in my area. I tried their LTE home internet. It was terrible. Hours of NO internet. They emailed me and said my service was NORMAL. I’ll keep T-Mobile.

Is that Kbs, KBs, Mbs, Gbs or…?

mbps using ookla speed test. Highest I’ve seen is 592 mbps down and 75 mbps up. Lowest has been in the 200’s but lately lowest has been about 400 mbps.

Did you really not understand which of those speed ranges might be relevant in this situation?

I think they upgraded something on my tower since it’s been over 500 mbps for about a week any time during the day. Before it was about 400 during the night, 200-300 during the day. Just checked it, 545 mbps down, 58 mbps up. And they claim they won’t raise the cost as long as I keep paying. We’ll see

I’ve been using T-Mobile Home Internet Service for almost a year and I’m happy with it.
At first, they sent me a regular square box (not 5g,) and I had a LOT of problems with it.
Had constant problems. They finally put my name on a list for the 5g box and promised the service would improve when I finally got the box. After a few months, I finally received the 5g box.
They were right, I now have no problems and I’m very happy with my internet service. I only have 2 devices hooked up to it but I stream TV and use a laptop without issues.
The price is right. It’s simple. A straight $50. per month, no taxes, fees, or equipment costs.
I do NOT miss cable!
Also, I do not use their phone service, only home internet.

We signed up for the LTE service a year and a half ago. It’s been relatively problem free. We were previously on a local co-op telecom with fiber but only 20 Mbps down/5 up for $55 per month. I switched over to see if I liked it while leaving the fiber connection active but not connected. We’re about 3-5 times as fast on downloads and 2-3 times as fast on uploads. My wife didn’t even know I had switched the router… so we cancelled the fiber connection and have been happy. There’s a 5G tower but it’s a bit further away than the one the LTE router connects to, so we haven’t been worried about switching to the 5G router, will probably do so when the LTE router dies or we get a closer 5G tower.

I’ve been involved in technology for a long time. One of the first lessons you learn in the business is not to assume things, especially from a diverse online group such as this one. You’d be surprised how many people don’t understand PPP and TCP/IP protocols and that 1 MBs is eight times faster than 1 Mbs.

You’d be surprised how many people don’t understand PPP and TCP/IP protocols and that 1 MBs is eight times faster than 1 Mbs.

Not nearly as surprised as I’d be if someone was getting 547 KBs or 547 GBs download speeds on T-Mobile’s home internet service.

I have had the T-Mobile LTE system in my home for about 12. The service map said I was not in the service area but I consistently got 45 t0 60 Mps (using Speed Test) in spite of the "no service) warning, I found the system much more reliable and consistent than Hargray. (Hargray has improved to a small degree over the last 6 Mo.)
I recently moved from my previous home and had to stop service by sending in the router, I wish I had kept my router and tried it at my new residence where the Wi-Fi is a shared system and band width fluctuates widely (an RV Park)

547 KBs is equal to 4.4 Mbs. The internet service provided by Telecom on the island of Mauke in the South Pacific through their cell phone service is 0.05 Mbs.

Cool story. That’s not T-mobile home internet though.

I use it and its OK. It really depends on YOUR area with tmo. I live close to some foothills and national forest. They say tmobile is good but its… Its ok depending on YOUR street, my street is pretty good but a block and a half away at the park NOTHING.