Security of T-Mobile home internet

I have both T-Mobile home internet and Spectrum for one month while I decide whether to stay with Spectrum or go with T-Mobile. T-Mobile is cheaper and much faster for me. But I’m questioning whether it is safe as far as banking online? Could someone with more tech savvy than me help me answer that question please?

It’s no more or less safe than any other ISP. Just be sure you have two-factor authentication turned on for account access and have malware/virus protection.

Thank you.

I think the issues that T-Mobile has had with the data breeches involves the info that they had on subscribers that was already in their system. In other words, if they had your SS number, credit card info, etc., then that info was at risk. Not the business that you conduct over their internet servers, ie. web surfing, banking, bill paying.

Thanks. That helps me make my decision.