Review your monthly wireless bills and avoid getting ripped off

In recent podcast, Clark warned about unscrupulous sales folks at their free standing stores and suggested we review our monthly wireless bills in detail.

I reviewed and was shocked!!! There were 8 numbers associated with my T-Mobile account but only 4 iPhones are in use. Findings:
(1) There was a $10 “connected device” on one of the unused numbers.
(2) There were two $18 “Protection Plans” on two of these unused numbers - No device linked to these numbers. So what was getting protected? I upgraded last December at a T-Mobile store and “Protection Plans” were ever mentioned!!!

I called T-Mobile customer service to clarify:
(1) The additional numbers were necessary to take advantage of the “iPhone on Us” promotion
(2) No explanation of the $10 connected device or the two protection plans.
(3) These will be removed and our future monthly will be reduced by $46.
(4) A refund was requested retroactive to December of 2023. The request was denied citing “policy”. A request was made to speak to someone who can make the refund - there was no one. She alluded that it was my fault for not reviewing the plan before I signed. I stated that there must be a level of trust between sales and the customer, and any trust is now utterly destroyed.

Clark is right - the sales folks cannot be trusted and please inspect the proposal before signing.

Many people are lured into a contract with a “free phone” offer. In reality, that “free phone” is paid for over the life of the contract. So, free is not free.

I recommend purchasing an unlocked phone on your own and then obtaining service through a company that does not require a contract.


Always purchase your own phone through the manufacture that is unlocked and not tied to any carrier. Don’t get locked into a contract. You might try Mint Mobile. I have been using them for over 6 years, they were recently purchased by T-Mobile but no changes to service or billing. You pay your bill in advance to receive their discount. I pay $15 a month.

You could pay my wife’s entire phone bill (work pays for mine) with the amount you’re saving every month, and still have enough left over for a footlong at Subway without even having to use a coupon. I shudder to think how much your monthly bill is if you didn’t notice this.