T-Mobile 25-Cent Gasoline ''Assistance''

I am always amazed at how some companies will use any situation for their own betterment to the bottom line. T-Mobile sure sounds like the “good guy” offering 25 cents a gallon discount for gasoline, especially in the current fuel crisis. This is disingenuous for 2 reasons: (1) Because the cost of gas at the pumps is so severely inflated beyond actual costs, there is plenty of headroom for T-Mobile to negotiate favorable terms with oil companies for this “perk”. (2) Do you think you’re really saving any money with this? How about instead of paying $200/month for cell service you get Visible or other great provider for only $25/mo? How much gasoline do you have to purchase before this even begins to make a dent in your cellphone bill? NOW, if you’re already tied in to T-mobile on a 34-year contract, then - heck yes, take advantage.

MINT Mobile. $15 a month.

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I get three devices (two iPhones and a watch) on two lines unlimited everything for $70/mo from T-Mobile. No contract.

And… I get 4% off $5/gal gas with my Costco Visa card, that’s 20 cents a gallon.

I get 2 phones and unlimited everything for $55

As you can see from the replies, exaggerating weakens your otherwise reasonable point.

My previous T-Mobile (Sprint) plan was $227/mo, on average, for 2 phones. Some months it exceeded $300 for extra minutes used. Consequently, while I may be accused of presenting older data, it is certainly not an exaggeration. AND the actual point is maintained and even further proven: Get a cheap phone plan and buy your own gas.

You compared “$200/month,” which you now admit was for two lines, with “Visible or other great provider for only $25/mo.” You left out the part about only getting half as many lines for that price. Plus, you peppered in a 34-year contract. If that’s not an exaggeration, then it’s an outright lie. Your point was strong enough to stand on its own with realistic (even outdated) numbers.

I think your situation is a good lesson for all of us and makes the point that we need to to pay attention to details when signing up for anything that costs money, especially things that vary based on usage and especially cell phone plans.

My wife and I signed up for the T-Mobile over-55 plan when it was first announced several years back. I think the introductory price was $45 or $50 a month for two lines and an a $700 incentive to purchase phones. We got a couple of iPhone X’s for a total of $1100 or so.

T-Mobile bumped the two-line fee to $60 a year or two ago and my wife bought a Apple watch which costs another 10 bucks/mo.

I’m surprised you didn’t shop around for something better when your bill passed $150/mo for two lines. But you might be in a tough service area. That can make a big difference of price and availability of cell service.