T-Mobile 25-Cent Gasoline ''Assistance''

I am always amazed at how some companies will use any situation for their own betterment to the bottom line. T-Mobile sure sounds like the “good guy” offering 25 cents a gallon discount for gasoline, especially in the current fuel crisis. This is disingenuous for 2 reasons: (1) Because the cost of gas at the pumps is so severely inflated beyond actual costs, there is plenty of headroom for T-Mobile to negotiate favorable terms with oil companies for this “perk”. (2) Do you think you’re really saving any money with this? How about instead of paying $200/month for cell service you get Visible or other great provider for only $25/mo? How much gasoline do you have to purchase before this even begins to make a dent in your cellphone bill? NOW, if you’re already tied in to T-mobile on a 34-year contract, then - heck yes, take advantage.

MINT Mobile. $15 a month.

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I get three devices (two iPhones and a watch) on two lines unlimited everything for $70/mo from T-Mobile. No contract.

And… I get 4% off $5/gal gas with my Costco Visa card, that’s 20 cents a gallon.

I get 2 phones and unlimited everything for $55