Do You Use or Have You Considered Using a Cellular Service Provider for Home Internet?

Let us know how it compares to traditional internet plans!

T–Mobile is a “life saver,” in rural communities such as mine (town of 1,200 county of 10,000) Internet by our local provider for the same or slower speeds than T-mobile was $125 dollars a month. They also required (said it was by Federal Law) that we pay for a landline even though we didn’t use it. Never plugged a phone just used internet for home wifi network. The T-Mobile plan…I was an early adopter and have used them when it first became available has changed our world. Speeds are faster than before, and more reliable. Now things might change as the Federal Government has pumped a lot of money into funding rural internet since 2020 Lockdowns sent almost everyone homebound. For now I’m a very “Happy Camper!”

Dumped Xfinity last summer, went with T mobile. Internet with 2 cell phones plan was cheaper than Xfinity internet alone. Occasionally there will be a short pause as it buffers, but not often enough to be an issue. I would do it again.

I also switched to T-Mobile about 2 years ago. We’re rural and the only options were ground based wireless systems that at most were 10 Mbs and not very reliable for $70/mo, or satellite. Now with T-Mobile, I get >100 Mbs for less. It’s been great and very reliable.

The only beef I have is the way their IP address works. Every site we visit thinks we’re in a different state, or in a city on the other side of our state. It’s a pain to have to keep changing that. So when online for Lowes or something, it always shows a store 300 or more miles away for pickup and I have to change it every time.

To say that a cell company’s internet reaches all rural areas is by far an oversimplification! I guess if you live in a flat area it may work but I live in a mountainous area of CA. Not one single cellular company offers internet that reaches me. And, even though some people have DISH or DirectTV out here, even they don’t offer internet. There is no cell signal at all at my house. Therefore, my options are limited to a few small, ineffective satellite companies that charge outrageous fees according to how much data you want to buy and Starlink [unlimited for most regular users at $110/ month]. I mounted my dishy atop a telephone pole to avoid trees and mountains to provide a direct line of sight to the satellites and it works great. It has quickly become the only effective choice for everyone here in the canyon- and a godsend after so many years making do!

You can do that? [I mean, legally?]

Oh sorry to be misleading. It is my own pole on my property. It never had power or phone lines connected to it. It simply had a flood light on it at one time.

Ah, okay. I asked because around here, the phone co is always removing ‘things’ attached to their poles.

You can get old poles from PGE and re-purpose them. This is a very old property. There were many “re-purposed” telephone poles on it when I bought it. Most have floodlights on them. All of them have woodpecker holes with acorns stuffed inside, sometimes even a nest.