What Do You Think About Sling?

If you’ve tried Sling, tell us what you think about it!

My daughter is a big Pac12 fan. Sling is about the only place she can watch the games. Everyone else seems to have written the West coast off.

I have had SlingTV since 2019. They just “forced” me to upgrade my AirTV player to the latest model.
There are many things I don’t like about it. The only thing good I can say about it is that I can now record two local channel programs at the same time, which is a big plus for me. Unfortunately, everything else SUCKS! I liked the old player much better. It now does not have a separate remote as I now must access Sling on my Roku. The guide sucks as I cannot organize my channels the way I had before. The AirTV player has many glitches. Two channels that came in before are now breaking up most of the time. Scheduling programs is very annoying. There is often a long lag between when I enter it and when it shows up as being scheduled. There is one movie that I watched two months ago that I cannot cancel the scheduling of as it does not have the “Recording Options” box. I have to play “Whack a mole” and delete it every time it shows up on the schedule. Programs that are set to record all new episodes do so a few times then stop scheduling them. You now also must use the Sling app on a smartphone to scan for channels. I have Comcast broadband 100Mb service yet programs are constantly buffering. That never happened with the old player. If another service can come to matching Slings price, channel options, and local channel solution I would switch. I just started looking recently.