What Are Your Favorite American-Made Products?

R Heroes USA, American made Firefighter Job Shirts. www.RHeroesUSA.com

One of the few Metal companies fabricating here in the USA - Havens | Luxury Metals
I’ve got a few stainless steel kitchen sinks from them and they are the best quality I’ve seen.
Havens Luxury Metals

That is a really nice island setup with dual faucets. Is that a 48" or 60" sink ?

Contemporary Craftsman Furniture

California and other fine U.S.-produced wines should also rank high, although I’m thinking some have priced themselves a bit out of the middle market.

Duckworth Merino wool clothing.
Grown wild in Montana
Knit and sewn in USA
Sold online from Bozeman Montana.

Please add RTIC Outdoors! Outdoor coolers and other products made in Texas. They support our veterans and we love their coolers! https://rticoutdoors.com/

You are missing “Clara Sunwoo” ladies American Made clothing—my favorite

Wow! This is an awesome list! Thank you! My gift shop is FULL of local artisans. Not only are they American made. They are Ohio made.

Still tools are made in Virginia Beach, VA

NOTE: GE Appliances show a page of American made appliances. However, as is shown
on the GE website of American made products: *“While we completely understand your interest in this toaster’s manufacturing location, we are unable to supply you with the exact location as it is sourced globally.”

Thanks for sharing this amazing list of American brands. I would like to suggest a fitness brand called the LIT Method. They are from Los Angeles, California.

I realized that I should have also listed a top brand from the North East… Taylor Pork Roll.


What about the traditional Coleman gasoline fueled lantern? I just got one working that was made in 1970s according to the model number. It has been sitting in the garage for years. A little Liquid Wrench on the control valve and new mantles was all it took. According the Internet, they are “still built in Wichita Kansas (though some parts, such as the globes, are made in China).”

Please add Jordan Essentials https://www.jordanessentials.com/

Please Add ModernMemorydesign.com Online picture frame store handmade in New Jersey, USA