What Are Your Favorite American-Made Products?

Tell us which local businesses and domestic products you support!

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Please add Goldens Cast Iron Cookers to American-Made products - made right here in Columbus, Georgia

Sparrow Song Soap. . .https://www.soundslikereign.com/soap

Good morning, we would love to have Groom Mate USA added to your list of American Made Products. Groom Mate has been in business since 1991 based both in Colorado and Ohio manufacturing the only USA made manually operated nose and ear hair trimmers. All trimmers are made from 100% surgical grade stainless steel sourced from PA.

Please visit our website for more information at: https://www.groommate.com

Thank you!

Responsible, American Citizens, native-born and naturalized. :smiley:

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Grip6 - Belts and socks and wallets

I believe that Rubbermaid and Libman are also made in the US. Additionally, there is a local mill in Griffin GA called 1888 Mills that makes nice towels. Forest River Motorhomes and trailers are made in Elkhart Indiana. However, not all the components are made in the US.

Redwing boots, although not all of their boots are made in USA.

Vermont Made Furniture We are a family owned, factory direct furniture manufacturer based in Brandon, VT. We handcraft solid wood furniture with love, and with the environment in mind.

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Just bought a WeatherTech floor mat for my car… nice product & a competitive price.

Most of Kong Coolers are made in the US.

Col. Littleton makes all of their leather goods in the US

Xelos is a swimsuit brand made in the US

Thank you for compiling this list!

I would be remiss if I didn’t say “Kona Coffee”. It is so recognized that knockoff blends are heavily marketed to trade on it’s name and reputation.

Like Vidalia Onions and some of it’s other brethren in Origin (oriGIn is today a truly global alliance of Geographical Indications (GIs) from a large variety of sectors, representing some 500 associations of producers and other GI-related institutions from 40 countries, it is world-renown, but often copied.

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All Teslas in the US market are made in California or, now, Texas.


We only drink California, Washington or Oregon wines, except when we drink Gruet, made here in New Mexico (and one of their vineyards is within walking distance of our house).

Heritage Steel cookware Clarksville Tennessee!
Just the cookware but it is the best!

California extra virgin olive oil.

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I’m amazed that there’s ANYTHING from California that’s even a little bit virgin, much less EXTRA virgin. :upside_down_face:

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There is a new brand that is making travel wear for women that is reversible in the USA, check them out!

Totally agree with this one. Great product.