Mental Floss: "Attention, Kmart Shoppers: There Are Only 3 Kmart Stores Left in the Continental U.S."

Until a couple of years ago we often booked mountain vacation cabins around Waynesville, NC for a week or more. Our last stay was 2 years ago or less and at that time they still had a Kmart that was still pretty active and relatively well-stocked. My wife always liked a brand of jeans they carried for their price and fit. I suspect that that store may have been one of the last to close as it was still doing moderately brisk business the last time we visited.

I’ve clicked on the link, but I’ve kept getting a message that reads: “Your session has timed out. Please go back to the article page and click the PDF link again.”

As a teen I used to buy most of my phonograph records from K-Mart due to good prices.

I figured out how to turn the portable blue light on, and loved to do it and watch all the women shoppers run to the area, trying to figure out where the Blue Light Specials were.

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When we moved south, Marietta was still developing.
i was happy exploring and finding a KMart.

BTW, my go to store for Records was EJ Korvette.
I was saddened when EJ Korvette and 2 Guys closed.
This was before K Mart. I was in my first KMart in 1966.

Remember when that Kmart opened, across the intersection from the Big Chicken. Not sure which came first. It was a big deal at the time.

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There were two KMarts on the kansas side of the state line here and both of those stores were the most dismal, depressing and claustraphobic stores to walk into. Something about that just made you want to grab the one thing you need and get out of there…I don’t see how anybody could have “shopped” there.

Not in Atlanta. Zayre’s was the bottom of the heap. K-Mart was a step above what Wal-Mart is now.

The K-mart in coastal NC closed about 5-6 years ago. Good riddance! It was the most poorly run retail operation of a big box store I’ve witnessed in my 68 years. Target eventually bought the property and has renovated it and will be opening in early April (2023). Hallelujah!!! K-mart will not be missed.