Clark Deals - 22 Day Cruise to see eclipse

I saw that cruise mentioned a couple weeks ago. A friend in Maryland decided to book the cruise, not just for the eclipse but also because the ship stops by Kona. I’ll meet him at the pier and will probably go have pizza and beer.

As for the Kona airport problems last night, our airport is back open, just in time for a freind to arrive from Alaska. A tip to Costco also will be in his plans because we have things Costco doesn’t stock in Alaska :slight_smile:

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Nice beautiful states. Enjoy!!!

Is your favorite beer a craft beer, IPA, lager, etc? I can always go for a stout.

Usually Kona Brewing Co Dukes Ale, Longboard or a few others. They brew them here. The stuff in the cans comes from the mainland, although with the new brewary here, they may be able to can or bottle.

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