Airline tickets

Holy smokes! Flying prices are expensive. Looking at a hiking trip maybe next spring/summer. Costs 2x to 3x as much to fly than 4 years ago.

Used to fly out west for hiking trips. Not worth it. Staying on the east coast it seems now. Crazy. Will anyone do vacations with tickets costing a lot?

Paying more to fly? Great. Plus extra hassle now dealing with delayed or cancelled flights, etc.

I guess there are backpacking trips you can do on the east coast, Appalachian trail, North Country Trail, there’s one in New England, Buckeye Trail in Ohio, and more. Not as scenic as out west, I know.

What about flying to Canada? Is that any more affordable?

Or rent an e-bike and go for a week’s bike tour to Civil War sites or along the beaches.

International flights are way up as well. We used to pay as little as $750 for a RT ticket from LAX to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.

Now the flight costs $1800-$2400… and takes twice as long.

Many families/organizations have to plan many months in advance if they are doing a plane trip. Will be interesting to see if next summer travel is down. I mean, no way am I spending hundreds of dollars more in plane fare to spend more money on all the vacation things to do also. Have taken Amtrak for east coast trips in the past. Guess I am going that route in 2023.

Check rental car prices also. A friend of mine was going to NW Montana last summer, rental cars were around $1000 a week during the summer months.