Australia advice?

My spouse and I are considering travel to Australia between February - April of 2024. (Yes, we know the weather will be like Autumn in the USA.) I was there on business about 30 years ago and lots has changed, so curious what advice the Clark community might offer? For example, what is the most reliable way to obtain a tourist visa and avoid scammers? Anyone here traveled by train from Sydney to Melbourne? Thanks in advance!

Our last trip to Australia was in 2009 for 4-5 weeks so I don’t have any current info on the best way to get your visas. I think we just dealt with the Australian Govt office in LA.

We flew into Sydney, stayed there for a few days, did the harbor tour, the opera house and the zoo. Then we rented a car, (pay attention to the toll road requirements) and drove to the Blue Mountains, took a short train ride on the Zig Zag Railroad, drove to Canberra, saw the mint & capitol, continued to Melbourne, (not a lot there,) flew to Hobart, Tasmania and rented a camper van, toured Tasmania for a week or so, (lots to see,) flew back to Melbourne, rented a car, drove the coastal road, great drive - lots to see, to Adelaide, (lots to see - great zoo,) and then flew back to Sydney and then home.

If you haven’t been to New Zealand, I’d recommend a visit there as well. We’ve been to AUS twice and NZ four times. We like NZ more than AUS.

We were. in Australia a few years back around Christmas and NY’s eve. Mostly in Sydney

Went to a concert at the Opera house.

I suggest you consider climbing the Sydney Harbor bridge. I was very apprehensive as I don’t like heights but was talked into it by my GF. Well worth it and they take mucho safety precautions. And it is also a great story to tell.

Also, consider a harbor cruise and a trip to Bondi beach

We also took a side trips to (i) Uluru (fka Ayers Rock) - enjoyed the outback and (ii) Port Douglas - weather didn’t permit a visit to the Great Barrier Reef but toured around there.