Right to Repair Bill

This topic for Right to Repair needs to be addressed widely.

This is a huge issue with farmers. They have big issues with John Deere.

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Why doesn’t Magnuson Moss already cover this?

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I think if enough people submitted complaints on the FTC’s site, they’d start listening. They are an unelected Bureaucracy, so convince them to interpret the existing laws to benefit the consumers.

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Semi related. I’ve been retired for over a decade, so don’t know if GE has changed or not.

Dad was a farm boy. Everything was repaired. Rarely bought new, and GE products, mixers, toasters, etc., were not allowed. They were un-fixable.

In my following decades of mfg plants with huge power demands, GE devices were rare. If they existed and died, they were replaced with products from other companies.

GE was known for holding their products together with rivets and glue. If we managed to open them up, repair parts were difficult to find and nearly impossible to re-assemble.

In fairness to GE, I don’t know if this is still true today.

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It was in our stoves case. After multiple calls for scratches to our stove, we got multiple different answers trying to say the 1 year warranty didn’t apply

Some of the old GE consumer products were hard to kill. We have a back up iron that is an ancient GE, and it still works. We also have a back up GE coffee maker, still functional, that we got in the late 1980s.

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