GE stove customer no service

I purchased a stove on January 25th. It appears there is a 1 year warranty but everytime I call I get a different answer from GE customer no service

  1. your repair isn’t covered because our 3rd party company said you’re at fault. The technician says there was a crack in the stove and that GE tells him it’s not covered. GE days they base their decision on whether something is covered based on the 3rd party

  2. your repair isn’t covered because it’s cosmetic

  3. we can replace the stove top at 60% off so it costs $322 instead of $803 which was more than the cost of the range

  4. you need to call within 7 days of delivery to get that repair. Warranty on cracks isn’t covered past 7 days

  5. you need to call within 90 days - before 2022 it was 7 days. Warranty on crack isn’t covered past 90 days

So a million excuses but not any consistency. Do I need to reply to them in writing saying they have a 1 year warranty on my paperwork. Of course I don’t feel like they’re acting in good faith

Since 2016, the GE appliance division has been owned and operated by Haier, a Chinese appliance company. The appliances are not what they used to be.


Thanks for posting this (& the poster who replied). Our 20-ish year old GE oven just died and we’re starting our search next week. GE will now be avoided if at all possible!

Unfortunately it does look like scratches and cracks are limited to 90 days unless they affect functioning of the stove. But I still haven’t pulled up anything in writing that shows a reduction in time for warranty for the glass cooktop. It was my understanding that it was one year as per the paperwork with the stove as was GE understanding when they booked the initial service call before they knew that it was small cracks

My issue is that four small cracks in the stove in a short four month period

Thanks for the replies

We bought a cheaper, glass top GE in 2019. A burner stopped working within a year. It took a long time to get parts and appointments with service personnel were missed. We asked for a replacement range. Meanwhile, the original was repaired. GE offered a replacement anyway, along with a years extended warranty and some cash for our trouble. I think it took so long to get the repair because of the pandemic and not necessarily because they were not trying.

A couple of problems were not GE’s fault. The original range was install by the big home improvement store’s delivery service. An anti-tip devise was not installed and the anti-strain device for the electrical cord was not installed properly.

In ~2008 we bought new GE appliances. They were warrantied for ~10 years. This 1 year warranty shows the decline in quality.

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Training is not keeping up with Progress.

During the Pandemic, the Dishwasher failed.
Our choices at Lowes were limited. We had to buy a more expensive one from stock than we wanted or wait. We bought the second from the top of Bosch.

The top offered WiFi. Wife never runs the Dishwasher with no one home… WiFi Really.

Anyway, it failed… waited about 2 weeks for service. The Service Rep, said this was a common problem. The installers were not reading the instructions, just doing it the way they had always done it.

BTW, the Bosch was pricey but does a good job. We like the third trey.