Wallgreens Pharmacy

I need a stratgy on how to let the bosses know where they are really messing up or are are trying to hurt thier own business because it almost feel like they want something to fail.

When you call them on your prescription you get to a call center. This call center assists you and gets the prescription fill going. You even get a text indicating ready to be picked up. There were 3 prescitions, 1 was about $10, the second told would be $100 plus (we needed) and were told the 3rd would be $700, decided to wait to expensive.

I arrived at the pharmacy only to see a sign there was not communicaiton with this call center. How did we get a text it was ready? Anyhow they were helpful after a short wait the 1st one was ready, the second which I had been told wold be over $100 was about $12, and on a hunch I asked about the $700 prescrition and it was about $13 and picked up.

How many people only had the expensive ones and saw it was out of range and never picked it up, almost feels criminal. How much money do they lose …???

I tried to write a complaint and yes the filed one but on the store, the store was great and they even told me thy try to complain but are not listend too by upper mangemnt.

I am about to let it go but hate to see something so messed up…ideas on whom to compalin too?

Go fill out the survey using the code printed on the receipt. Make sure you give them 6/10 or lower on everything. That makes you a “detractor” in corporate survey language (Net Promoter Score or NPS, if you want to look it up). I guarantee corporate management cares about getting their NPS up.

Doesn’t the score show as a detractor for the store who are not the problem? I worked in a corporate job for so long seems like all these compalints focused on the store when really feels like a product of someones strategy to save money by having a call center. Still when I return home from Hawaii will follow that process. Thank you!

Fun facts: During prohibition wallgreens went from 20 stores to 200 (or 30 to 300) due to being able to prescribe booze for colds… Also sititng here watching my local news over sling via HD antenna in my home in California…

Depends on the survey question, probably. In any event, corporate will probably pay attention to what you write in the comment sections.

I dont usually use walgreens for prescriptions, but i used to, and i literally called that specific store, and/or they called me.

Have your prescriptions transferred to a different pharmacy. Walgreens seems to have a system error. Obviously, this doesn’t help the masses but . . .

I’ll fill out the survey when we return home, recieved this from them and will be used in the survey if there is room…

"Good afternoon sir,

I have seen your complaint about our call center and what is going on. I do apologize for any misleading, and how they handled your proscription. We are trying to resolve the issue that been going on with our call center. I would suggest when you do call please asked them if you can talk to the store pharmacy instead of them that way you can asked the questions you need to be answered correctly. We will talk to our District and how we can better the call center with our customers in the future.



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