Pharmacy delivery recommendations?

I do not have smart phone or apps.
I can get text, but arthritis and poor vision makes it impossible to reply with text.

I can order Rx online or over my landline----BUT—without those features I cannot get Rx delivery from CVS, RiteAid, or Walmart.

They ALL require smartphones and apps or text. So far, they are ALL incapable of arranging USPS mail delivery via email or phone calls.

[have not tried Walgreens yet]

Any suggestions? [their CS reps cannot seem to help]

I use Cost Plus Drugs (Cubans Co). If they have your drug(s) you can line them up and fill all at the same time and have 1 shipping charge (5.00).
All done with email, no texting.
Check them out.

I use Express Scripts.

I use Caremark for mail order pharmacy. It’s the mail order arm of CVS. Just make sure you go to and not CVS. Set up an account and have your Dr fill the Rx through Caremark. I just use their website in a normal computer browser and email.

Just always say Caremark. Don’t say CVS Caremark. It’s confusing and I think when the DR or nurse hear CVS they click CVS. Then it gets sent to a retail pharmacy and that’s not what you want.

Mail order is the way to go. Around here retail pharmacies are understaffed, lines are slow, hours are inconsistent.

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Many thanks…! I wonder if they can get my Rx from CVS?
…probably not…

Probably not. They are really separate entities. You will likely have to call your Dr or clinic and have them put the Rx through Caremark. BTW, I can also fill 90 days when doing mail order vs only 30 for retail. Probably insurance dependent. My employer wants everyone to go to mail order. Cheaper overall.

That’s what I thought, but tried to register an acct with caremark about ten times, but get this every time"

“One or more of these entries doesn’t match our records.”
What records? It’s new acct and everything matches my CVS acct.

I’ve had the same personal info over 50 years so have it pretty much memorized

I looked on Reddit and the consensus is that your insurance has to use CVS/Caremark as their pharmacy benefits manager. Yours may not. Every health insurance plan has a mail order pharmacy option. Find out which one yours uses.

I had United Health and they do use Caremark. My previous job was Aetna and they used Express Scripts. Guessing you could just google who your provider uses and sign up for that one.

I’ve been self pay for decades. Maybe that’s the confusion?

I called Walmart who actually has a phone in method to order Rx.

I explained that I sent WM their transfer method from CVS.

WM Rep said, “Better to start from scratch. CVS does not cooperate with transfers or anything else.” Heh, like I did not know that already.

I can easily call express scripts and speak with a human (I do have to work through an automated menu), and they have been helpful. I don’t know if they do or do not take clients without a pharmacy benefit, it I would think they would.

Anyways, I get my maintenance prescriptions through them with 90 day supplies. Non maintenance meds I generally have sent to the Safeway pharmacy near my home. I know they have delivery available, but I never looked into it. I don’t get my groceries delivered, but if I did and they’d also include prescriptions, that would be helpful.

Have you tried Costco pharmacy? You can call in your prescription and either pick it up there or have it shipped [if they ship that particular drug]. They are far cheaper than CVS, which I used to have, and more reliable and knowledgeable. BTW, smartphones have a voice transcription feature so you can search and text by simply touching the microphone icon and speaking.

Heh, which is just one reason I don’t have one. I’m waaaay too old to learn new tech. [which is a soft lie—I have one for travel and GPS]

And Walmart is working fine!. They actually called to see if I wanted p/u or delivery

I love the mail order for Costco Pharmacy, I went to my Dr a month or so ago and had him add Costco mail order into my profile and they will automatically send it to them when I go for a Dr appointment, I also talked to my Dr and we agreed it was a good idea to keep my old local pharmacy in my profile just if I need something from urgent care or something like that.

I’m sure it’s cheaper than CVS or Walgreens, too. They even have a program members can sign up for that may make it even cheaper. My own insurance won’t allow me to use Walgreens.