CVS delivery mess

I’m been trying for a week to get my RX delivered from CVS. The links don’t work and other links just go into a loop. Tired over and over and over.

Called twice without success and tried again. That rep said the delivery option has been down for weeks and it’s not getting fixed.

Gee thanks! Why not say that on the site…???

I get my drugs by Mail Order from Kaiser.
Lots of Medicare plans offer this service.

It is Medicare enrollment time… you might want to look for a plan that allows you to keep your Docs while providing a mail order pharmacy.

i used cvs caremark for several years after having to be without a car - however, while i eventually received the meds i was ready for the funny farm with their constant texts, emails, etc re did i order this? did i want delivery now? and then repeats for same - i now use walmart and am very happy with their service.