Groceries delivered.....!

Never thought I would do this, but spine issues have been more painful of late.
Plus it’s 97 F…!
I used Safeway but other stores do this.
Biggest surprise was a 15% ‘member’ discount, and they arrive tomorrow at 2.
I’m gonna get spoiled real fast

A hack that I’m doing regularly is ordering from Target through their app. Then when the order is ready you drive up and they bring your order to your car in a designated numbered parking spot. No fee or tipping. Plus a 5% discount with their Red Card. A little more effort than having items brought to your house but still really easy.

A lot of people like to bash Walmart. It is not for everyone.

I do the same thing with the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card. Let them do the shopping for you and get 5% back.

My groceries just arrived and I had made a few online substitutions, so was pleasantly surprised when I got larger cans or pkgs and even higher priced goods to sub for out of stock items.

But they charged me the lower, original price. Nice.