Do you have groceries delivered? Use Instacart?

I am not necessarily promoting Safeway, but they do offer un-confusing simple fees. No complaints.

But I prefer my local SaveMart’s produce, so went online to shop there. On top of my $225 order, there was a $19.88 [no idea why the odd number] Service Fee .

This fee was from “Instacart”. They are a delivery service with a long list of very confusing deals. One is $9.99 / mo and yearly at $99. They boast free delivery.

BUT.… since my orders are always over the min, I’ve never paid a delivery fee. Instacart boasts no delivery fee, but I was not paying that anyway!

Instacart just calls it a “Service fee”.

So, beware

I am in my 70’s and have never had food delivered to my house, not even a single pizza.

With that said, in college, a group of guys hung out in the dorm playing poker. Since I didn’t play they asked me to get them hamburgers and each let me keep the change. I had more than enough for my own food and gas. Keep in mind, gas was maybe 29 cents a gallon for the cheap stuff.

At 84 with too many physical problems and no help, it’s a live saver.

Target is a great alternative to delivery (I don’t like waiting). You go on their app and make your choices. Choose drive-up. When you leave your house you hit the “on my way” button and when you get there you put your parking spot number into the app. Groceries come out quick. No extra fee and no tipping.